If you want to work with me – here's what you can do

“The training & system platforms on this page form the basis of the business plan section as detailed in my 5 Day Attraction Marketing Bootcamp where I show you how to make an extra $70,000. Of course results will vary and are not typical, but I show you how in my bootcamp.”

Of all the different places I travel to, around 80% of the people I speak with all say they would like to start an online business, or have started an online business.

In most cases people can see the huge potential of developing an online business, but are often faced with some initial reservations…

Reservations such as

  • Will I have the time on top of work & family commitments
  • I'm not that technical
  • Will there be anyone to help me
  • How do I generate leads
  • I have no business experience

By working with me I can help you to develop your business by having access to my 25 years business experience and 7 years of developing businesses on the Internet, overcoming all of those objections.

In my book the only skill people really need is the desire to succeed “no matter what!”

I know from teaching and developing people over the years that anything is possible. If you develop & work your plan, work smart, have a trust with the people you're working with, keep going and don't give up, then you'll become successful…

As a coach and trainer, I can see success in people before they see it in themselves, so the programs I'm involved with are designed to help people starting an Internet business for the first time to succeed along the way, to profit as you learn.

For the more experienced Internet business owners, they can hit the ground running and leverage the powerful systems and features.


MLSP My Lead System Pro

My Lead System Pro MLSPMy Lead System Pro, is one of my top business systems I use to generate leads and sales.

MLSP is designed for people involved with MLM / Network marketing to automate the process of generating, following up and making sales while helping others to succeed.

My Lead System Pro has been around since 2008 and has attracted some of the most respected and highest paid producers in the industry, because of its powerful systems and ease of duplication to easily allow beginners to have access to lead magnets, funded proposals, a huge library of training, and the ability to have 100% commissions.

For more information about MLSP and how it can transform your business click the link below.

Click here for My Lead System Pro MLSP


Mobe – (My Online Business Education)

Online Business CoachingThe Internet has a wealth of information in the forms of web pages, articles, podcasts video tutorials and more, but in trying to learn and develop your Internet business from scratch there's one major thing missing…

A real person to talk to!

Mobe is a training education and marketing company, we help small businesses and entrepreneurs grow your business by offering products, live events around the world and exclusive mastermind events with the top marketing professionals in the business to help you grow and build a secure profitable future.

But the reason why I partnered with MOBE is because of the personal 1-to-1 coaching, the ability to chat and ask questions to a real person, providing the missing link in starting a business from scratch.

The coaching is called My Top Tier Business (MTTB)

The coaching is delivered in 21 steps, at your own pace, and will teach you step-by-step the secrets of leveraging business systems of  how to generate $1200, $3300 & $5500 in commissions automatically. The business system is based on the successful franchise business model, which means the you only need to concentrate on one thing and the system does everything else for you.

Click Here for MTTB


45 Minute Paydays

Just released, the 45 Minute Paydays system45 Minute Pay Days has been designed to work alongside your coach to work for 45 minutes each day to develop your Internet business in a similar way to MTTB.

45 Minute Paydays – The 3 Simple Steps

Step 1. – The training shows you step-by-step how to generate leads for your business

Step 2.– Place ads in from of your new leads as taught in the training area

Step 3.Get paid for your efforts $1250, $3300, & $5500 commissions

Personal 1-on-1 Coaching

Just like MTTB 45 Minute Paydays offers personal coaching with 6& 7 figure income earners – answering all your queries and questions, ensuring you get quick and sustainable results.

Step-By-Step Training Program

The training program gives you all the tools, how-to's, webinars and instructional videos in addition to your personal coach to generate those commissions, and learn as you earn.

Done-For-You Services

Done-for-you services include product handling and shipment which means you don't have to talk with customers, while done-for-you accounting means you won't have to spend hours pasting numbers into a spreadsheet!

In addition to this you also get two bonuses high value training programs:-

  1. 10,000 leads in 100 days
  2. OTP Formula (Other peoples time) a great outsourcing resource.

Click Here For 45 Minute Paydays