This week saw the release of “WiFi Millionaire” an Online Business System & Coaching Program. In this WiFi Millionaire Review I'll be explaining what WiFi Millionaire is all about, and whether it lives up to the expectations.

WiFi Millionaire Review

The WiFi Millionaire eBook and Sales System explains the process of ‘How To Make A Full Time Income While Working Part Time From Anywhere'

WiFi Millionaire has a front end offer consisting of a $3 eBook when you buy through this link.

The WiFi Millionaire eBook was written by Matt Lloyd who has generated over $150 Million in sales over the last 7 years with his High Ticket Affiliate Marketing System, so he knows what he's talking about.

Some of the eBooks I read are often full of ‘waffle', without actually giving any usable information. WiFi Millionaire has 11 chapters of tips, tricks and techniques that give practical and common sense advice, with an accumulation of tested and proven money-making methods.

In this “WiFi Millionaire Review”, I'm going to review both the eBook and the WiFi Millionaire System.

WiFi Millionaire Review – eBook

The quality of the WiFi Millionaire eBook is evident as it's well laid out, easy to read and sets the tone for the quality of the WiFi Millionaire System and Coaching.

Review of WiFi Millionaire

The eBook starts with how things have changed with current employment conditions, and pension provision.

While many people know only too well the devastation caused with pensions. What many people don't understand is that the economy has moved on from the Industrial Age. We're now in the New Economy of the Information Age, a concept many people don't fully understand, or have the knowledge to work it to their advantage.

WiFi Millionaire explains this perfectly and shows you how to work the New Economy to your advantage by leveraging the internet. It also gives real-world examples of people who have done just that.

WiFi Millionaire ReviewThe eBook sets out 7 practical, actionable steps you can do to take advantage of the New Economy and leverage the Internet to develop a business. It makes comparisons between starting a traditional business and an online business which everybody needs to know, while offering tools, methods and the equipment required to get started with your online business.

One thing I particularly liked about WiFi Millionaire is the fact that the Author says it takes financial investment to start a business, and explains practical solutions to find the money required.

So many so-called ‘Proven Systems' on the Internet fail to mention that any business requires an initial investment of money. Matt then continues to explain business structure, taxes and business plans, so for that alone this WiFi Millionaire review gets two thumbs up from me for raising the issues that scares many people into never taking action with a new business venture.

The final section of WiFi Millionaire talks about Coaching and the Proven Sales System which I'll review in the next section.

WiFi Millionaire Review – Coaching & System

The difference that makes all the difference when starting or developing an Online Business is having a Coach, then have that coach take you through a proven system step-by-step. The WiFi Millionaire System.

When you join the WiFi Millionaire System you get your own Free Coaching Consultation call with a 6 or 7 figure earning coach.

On your call, you will discuss:
  • Your current situation and goals for the future
  • Your questions about starting (or growing) a home business
  • How to leverage the WiFi Millionaire System that has paid out over $75 million in commissions
Here’s how it works…
  1. You sign up as a consultant
  2. You get access to a 21-step training program
  3. You get a personal coach
  4. You send leads (traffic) to The Systems proven sales funnels
  5. We sell entry-level products to your leads
  6. My sales team sells your leads into high-ticket programs
  7. You get paid commissions on everything
  8. Depending on the program sold, you make $1,250… $3,300… $5,500… or $10,000 per sale after my sales team closes a high-ticket (high priced) program for you.

With this system, you do not need to do any selling yourself. All you do is send leads. Everything else is done for you. You can do this:

  • Without creating your own products
  • Without dealing with customers
  • Without building websites
  • Without selling anything over the phone
  • Without setting up merchant accounts
This sales system has been tested, tweaked, and continually improved over 5 years.
WiFi Millionaire Review

How Much Does WiFi Millionaire Cost?

The WiFi Millionaire eBook is a $3 purchase when you buy throught this link.

The WiFi Millionaire System with your own coach will cost $49 as a one-off cost when you order here.

This is covered by a money back guarantee.

WiFi Millionaire Review

WiFi Millionaire Bonus And Support

As an Affiliate of the system I want to ensure you get the best start to develop a profitable business in the shortest amount of time…

When you get your eBook and WiFi Millionaire System you will have access to my valuable bonuses – in addition to the support throught the system.

My Bonuses include:-

  • Lifetime Access To My Private Membership Site ($2000 Value)
  • Your Choice Of Two Traffic Products –  Designed To Get Leads Flooding In Fast ($97 Value Each)
  • Access To My 5 Day SEO & Attraction Marketing Course And Management Kit ($297 Value)
  • Access To My Private Facebook Mastermind Group (Invaluable)

To get these bonuses for free, click this link here or click the image below to get your copy of WiFi Millionaire.

WiFi Millionaire Review


Once you get access to WiFi Millionaire eBook and System your bonuses will be locked in for you.

Once you have access to my Private Membership Site you can browse at the traffic programs available and select TWO you would like to use. You can choose from over a dozen programs available, designed to get your leads coming in fast.

It is advisable however to go through the WiFi Millionaire coaching first to avoid being overwhelmed and doing too many things at once.


WiFi Millionaire Review – Conclusion

I have been around the online business world for a number of years, and WiFi Millionaire is one of the most effective programs available in terms of its income potential and ease of use for new people entering the industry.

I have met the author Matt Lloyd on a number of occasions and one thing to note is that you don't build an expanding company to $150 million before the age of 30 years old by being involved in ‘Get rich quick' or scams…

WiFi Millionaire is based on sound business principles that anyone can learn, and is my most recommended system.

If you're keen to get started, click here to get started through me, and let's get working together.


Speak soon

John McLauchlan

“Helping You Build Your 6 Figure Internet Business”

P.S There are more WiFi Millionaires breaking through each day, so be sure to Get Your Copy and start your own success story…

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