Below are resources that may be of interest to you, and the resources referenced in the presentation.

You Tube Marketing Video Marketing Strategy

Mark Harbert Video Training

In this FREE Video Training, Mark will take you through the process to get more views, leads and subscribers using YouTube

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 AM Khan Video Ads Course

This powerful course will show you how to drive huge traffic from YouTube to your websites. I set the price of this course to $7 for full access.

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Essential SEO Tools

Market SamuraiMarket Samurai

Market Samurai is a number of different tools within one program. The primary function is keyword research and assessing your competition from the abundance of data that Market Samurai provides. In addition to that Market Samurai will find affiliate offers for you to promote, find the highest ranking web pages in real-time, find & publish content domain names and lots more.

Market Samurai is a powerful system to get your SEO right first time.

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Long Tail Pro Keyword SoftwareLong Tail Platinum

Long Tail Pro & Platinum will find you long tail keywords which are easier to rank for keywords. This software has some of the features contained in Market Samurai and individual users like to compare notes. Either way it’s another tool I use and one for you to have a look at.

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Spin Re-Writer SoftwareSpin Re-Writer

Spin Re-Writer is used in conjunction with Spin Distribute. The software spins your content in such a way to create unique articles for distribution to the blog networks. In addition to that, Spin Re-Writer can quickly create good articles for your blogs, add YouTube videos and upload content to your website from the central interface using the WordPress plugin saving you time.

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Spin DistributeSpin Distribute

Spin Distribute will submit your article automatically to the article directories giving you 800 backlinks per article. Using Spin Re-Writer you can submit hundreds of unique articles around the web with a call to action of your choice. That’s backlinks to your blog pages, opt-in and sales pages.

If your tactic to grow your business is article marketing and blogging then Spin Distribute used in conjunction with Spin Re-Writer is essential.

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Social ADRSocial ADR

With any SEO technique, social interaction is a big serving of brownie points in the eyes of Google. Facebook likes, shares re-tweets are all votes for your web pages. Social ADR creates social interaction in a natural way increasing your social engagement of your content and boosting your search engine rankings.

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Onlywire allows you to submit your content to 50 social networks at once. The automation tool will submit new website content automatically should you choose to do that. You can manage comments from the Onlywire dashboard, and comprehensive analytics means that you can check performance at a glance.

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Article BuilderArticle Builder

At Article Builder you can create articles in a few clicks. Ideal if you have a blog network or for submission to Spin Distribute to get more backlinks to your products and services. Article Builder saves you time, and done the right way is an effective SEO strategy to add to your marketing mix.

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