Video Marketing TipsThis quick post outlines my 5 Video Marketing Tips for making better videos online.

Everyone knows that having an effective video marketing strategy in place is essential for any online business owner so here's a question for you –

Do you have a video Marketing strategy? And if not why not?

Actually, let me answer that for you and comment below if you think I'm right, I'd love to hear your opinions. You see, the majority of people know they need to make video because video marketing is so powerful but most people HATE doing it!

The vast majority of people developing an online business TRY videos a few times and convince themselves that they're terrible at it and stop because they think they're video marketing efforts will do them more harm than good.

Nothing could be further from the truth!

Take a look at my recent outtakes from my latest web show McLauchlan's Marketing Muse. I was having one of those days where you get into the flow then make a mistake, then another, and another, then eventually you have a good take and the mistakes are just something to have fun with!

One thing to remember about marketing online , is that people are always watching you with interest, they read your blogs, look at your pictures but what they really want is to see and hear you on a video. The response and interaction you will receive from recording and uploading your videos will be dramatic, which is why video marketing is essential as part of your marketing mix.

To help you along here's my 5 Video Marketing Tips to get the most from your video marketing efforts.


My 5 Video Marketing Tips

Research Your Subject

Too many people clearly don't know what they're talking about, so only talk from experience. Use my mantra which is learn, do, teach. Researching your subject before hand and a little preparation of your pertinent points just makes for good common sense and will get you through any distractions that may arise.


Plan Your Video Format

In a previous article I spoke about planning your video marketing format, so all your videos are congruent with each other and your audience know what to expect.


Know Your Audience

Video Marketing tip #3 Is knowing your audience. If you know your audience, you will naturally be able to speak their language, to engage with them because you understand their needs, wants and desires, their hangups and what they need to know.


Relax and Have Fun

Being relaxed on camera will speak volumes about engaging with your audience. If you're relaxed, so will your audience, it's basic psychology.

When you're relaxed, you can think clearer and adapt quickly to any changing conditions, such as people walking onto your filming area and sudden loud noises. Having fun with these things can also add another layer of interest to your audience and display the final part of my video marketing tips.


Video Marketing Tip #5 Show Your Vulnerable Side

People that present accurate facts and figures are also usually boring to watch. Anyone remember the 1970's Open University programs in the UK..?

Showing your vulnerable side by simply being open and honest with people will help you engage with more people and help you develop a loyal following.


Video Marketing Tips Closing Thoughts

The main thing to remember and the biggest video marketing tip of all, is just hit that record button and start talking, put in a call to action and you're away.

Forget thinking your videos are no good.

Forget thinking nobody likes your videos.

Forget thinking you need to be slick and charismatic.

You are you, and people want to see, hear and listen to what you have to say, so hit that record button and start making some awesome videos.


Speak soon

John McLauchlan
“Helping You Build Your 6 Figure Internet Business”


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