Video Blogging TipsIn this weeks Video Tip of the Week I talk about an essential Video Blogging Tip to engage your audience.

My core speciality when it comes to filmmaking (apart from making video blogs like these) is documentary films. The essence of making a good documentary film is getting your talent to relax on camera. Once your talent relaxes, the audience can see their real character, initial barriers are dropped, and the audience begins to engage.

As a video blogger or online business owner, you have to engage with your audience to develop the know, like and trust factor. In this video I share my number one video blogging tip for you to succeed with your video marketing – to engage with your audience.

This builds trust with your audience, and develops you as an authority figure.

I give you three of the most common mistakes I see people doing with their video marketing, and how you can instantly create more results and engagement by following this simple video blogging tip.



One of the biggest points I make in the video, is never think that you're no good at video.

Remember that if you deliver your video content from experience and from the heart, your audience will pick up on that. Deliver value and be consistent, over time you will develop lots of different people who engage with your videos, because you are you, and whether you like the process of video marketing it or not, you're awesome at it.

Just remember that…


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