Many people are looking for “The Ultimate Retirement Breakthrough”. The people who have been lied to and ripped off with their pensions, the people who have no choice but to work longer for an uncertain financial future in retirement.

The pensions crisis is a serious issue. Many people searching for The Ultimate Retirement Breakthrough have resigned themselves to just ‘getting on with it' because there is no workable alternative or choices in their current employment.

Maybe you're in your 40's, 50's, 60's and beyond, and you're worried about your financial future in retirement. If so then read on as I hope to inspire you to turn The Ultimate Retirement Breakthrough into Your Ultimate Retirement Breakthrough. To boost your pension provision and give you choices in retirement.

The Ultimate Retirement Breakthrough – My Own Story

Nobody really worries about their pension provision in their 20's and I was no exception. I joined the police as a Constable in the early 1990's and as far as I was concerned having a pension and security in retirement was a sure thing.

My the mid 1990's I began buying and selling property and moved into the business full-time leaving my Police career behind and a police pension frozen till I was 60.

But I wasn't concerned about that, business was good, I had properties in Florida and the real estate I had invested in, now served as my pension and retirement fund.

John McLauchlan Internet Marketing

My old passport photo 2003, at my lowest point just before I found my online mentor.

September 11th 2001 changed everything including my business. Tourism in Florida vanished overnight and almost as quickly my business did too. I was left with little income and no retirement provision. What made things worse is that my mum had just died from terminal cancer aged 52.

Both my parents always spoke about what they would do in retirement. They had big hopes and dreams of travelling more, seeing more of the family and just enjoying life. Unfortunately their retirement never came, and the same story holds true for many people.

At that time I decided I didn't want to work 7 days a week only to suffer the same fate as my mum did, so I began looking for options to rebuild my business and my life. I turned to the Internet to look for a business solution. But with no idea of what to do, I quickly became overwhelmed and frustrated.

Fortunately with perseverance I found someone online who was where I wanted to be, and was willing to help, support and coach me as my online business developed. That coaching and mentoring made all the difference for me.

Developing The Ultimate Retirement Breakthrough with Passive Income in Retirement

Ultimate Retirement Breakthrough

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Much like rental income from the property business, an online business creates passive income. What passive income allows you to do is leverage time rather than trading time for money in a typical 9-5 work routine.

Over the last few years, more people have turned to the Internet as a means of developing passive income in retirement regardless of experience levels or ability. As the business progresses so does the passive income levels which created freedom and a lifestyle of choice

Passive Income In Retirement Provides –

  • Time freedom by leveraging the Internet
  • Location freedom – work from anywhere in the world
  • Income leverage


If You Are Worried About Your Financial Future in Retirement…

Ultimate Retirement Breakthrough Chris and Susan

Working with good friends Chris and Susan in London

I know that the best age to start a business is right now, in fact starting a business aged 40+ makes more sense than you think according to

As a provider of online business education, I understand that people over 40 take their financial future in retirement very seriously. You are more responsible, have a bigger network and have life experience to fall back on.

If you have a genuine interest to start an online business and develop passive income in retirement here are my recommendations before you do anything –

  1. Always carry out your own due diligence
  2. Work with people who are where you want to be
  3. Get a coach to guide you
  4. Work with a proven system

Developing The Ultimate Retirement Breakthrough is something that you can do to secure your financial future in retirement. Help, support and coaching is all available for you.

I sincerely hope that if you are worried about the future, and want someone to speak with that you reach out. I can be contacted on the details below, give me a call and let's have a chat.


Speak soon

John McLauchlan

“Helping You Build Your Internet Business”

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