I started a case study promoting Clickbank affiliate marketing products on 1st January 2024 using the My Lead Gen Secret email marketing strategy. This report covers the results of Q1 and what I learned over the past 3 months.

I started using My Lead Gen Secret almost five years ago, and this year I decided to focus my attention on promoting Clickbank products.

Having tested My Lead Gen Secret with many different products and services over the years, Clickbank has always been profitable.

The intention of the case study is to test and tweak the process, to see how much revenue can be generated in 12 months.


My Lead Gen Secret Clickbank Case Study Q1 Results

Period – 1st January – 31st March
Hops – 21,809
Impressions – 430
New Business Sales – 38
Recurring Sales – 23
Total Sales – 61
Gross Earnings – $1,113.16
Expenses – 5x MLGS accounts @$150/month


Here's my case study so far on YouTube


What Is My Lead Gen Secret?

The biggest challenge most Online Business Owners have is getting a constant source of traffic and leads.

If you're brand new you want leads, if you're a seasoned marketer, you want more leads. Leads are the lifeblood of any business.

My Lead Gen secret is a solution.

My Lead Gen Secret delivers 100 co-registration business opportunity leads into your account each day. You can email your leads once every 23 hours using their built-in email marketing platform. There are no restrictions on what you can promote within the “Biz Opp” niche.


The My Lead Gen Secret Leads 

Having any success online is all about knowing who your audience is and what they want to achieve. When you generate your own leads, people know who you are, with My Lead Gen Secret, the leads are co-registration. This means they have asked for information within the Biz Opp niche, but they don't know who you are.

Therefore your initial job is to get them to know, like and trust you using email.


The My Lead Gen Secret Affiliate Program

When you refer a customer to MLGS, you'll receive 100 additional daily bonus leads and $5 per month payable to 5 levels deep.

The unique thing about the MLGS affiliate program is you're permitted to refer yourself using your own affiliate link. This means when you refer yourself, you receive both the bonus leads and the commissions.

To increase your leads you can stack your accounts together. I have 5 accounts in total and receive 1000 leads per day. To learn more about this watch my Day #0 video where I explain how this works.

This is how you get paid using the My Lead Gen Secret Clickbank business model:

  1. My Lead Gen Secret Sales -$5 per month per person (and payable to 5 levels deep)
  2. Clickbank sales from new business
  3. Recurring monthly income from recurring Clickbank products

Here's what I learned in Q1…

Lesson 1 – Consistency

Consistency is everything in business. The more consistent you are, the more you secure your success.

So email your leads each day without fail. Consistency is important to develop because it can take time to generate results, and not getting results can knock confidence.

It also takes time and consistency for your audience to know who you are. When you're consistent, it develops their confidence in you to start doing business with you.

There are different types of consistency we need:

  1. Email consistency – Every day
  2. Product consistency – Promote the same product for at least a month
  3. Message & brand consistency – More about that later


Lesson 2 – Focus on The Process

There's a saying in business which is “Be married to the process and divorced from the result.” 

No truer word is spoken than when trying to get an online business into profit.

Some people become mildly obsessed with the results and how many sales have been made. This can quickly lead to frustration and a lack of general confidence. If you read social media posts about success with MLGS, people often ask how many accounts that person has, how many leads they have and what product is being promoted.

This indicates that the focus is on results, rather than the process.

The process with My Lead Gen Secret is all about connecting with your audience using email.

In the case study video series, I took the foundation of the email from Clickbank, then changed the email to my own voice and branding, ensuring there was consistency and congruency with each email.


Lesson 3 – Email Format, Consistency & Congruency

If you look at the email series provided by the Clickbank Vendor for the product “Live Chat Jobs” and read them, you'll see that at least 3 different people have written them. If you simply copy, paste and send these emails, you'll get inconsistent results and more importantly, you'll learn little about email marketing.

My advice is to set some time aside and write out all your emails for the month in one or two sessions. Take the foundation of the email from Clickbank and incorporate your voice and branding.

Congruency is important which means you want everything to look and feel the same throughout the buying process.

  1. Subject line – A compelling subject line will incentivise your audience to open your email. A Marketer's best friend with subject lines are hooks and curiosity. Be careful to keep them engaging but not spammy, the same thing goes for your email body.
  2. Email Body – Your subject line must relate to what's inside your email. If you ask questions or raise curiosity in your subject line (open loops), then answer those questions or curiosity (close loops) in the body, while incentivising your audience to click your links. While the email needs to be conversational, I do place an importance on spelling and grammar
  3. Email style – Always have the same style, formatting and signature with each email. To see what I do take a look at my MLGS playlist on YouTube
  4. Landing Page – Always look at the Clickbank landing and sales pages you're sending people to. Congruency here is important, which is why I take the Clickbank email as a foundation.


Lesson 4 – Analytics

Testing and measuring everything in business is essential. Thankfully, analytics with Clickbank is easy and comprehensive.

Adding a tracking link will allow you to track clicks on your links, monitor impressions and most importantly which emails produced sales. When you make sales, document those emails and add them to a separate document. Each day you will add to those emails that produced sales. When you send emails that are proven to convert, you'll make more sales.


Lesson 4 – Recycling Emails

Using emails that are proven to convert works when you recycle the email twice, I used my emails a third time and the conversion rate dropped a little. So my advice is only to recycle your proven emails twice.


Lesson 6 – Learning Your Trade

The biggest and most profitable takeaway from using My Lead Gen Secret is learning how to write compelling copy.

Email is still the #1 most effective marketing strategy, so when you take the time to learn your trade, you can transfer those skills into many other facets of business.

Remember that it takes time to learn. Many people fail online because they don't give themselves long enough to learn. So don't make the same mistake.


Getting Started With My Lead Gen Secret

If you want to make an additional income and learn the most profitable skill online, get started with MLGS right now.

If you have questions contact me using the link below.


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