This article is a Home Business Academy review, and why I missed out on thousands of dollars in revenue with the Home Business Academy because I assumed that I didn't need it.

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My online business philosophy is about keeping things simple, keeping costs low, and only promoting products that complement each other.

But one business called the Home Business Academy piqued my interest, from reading the foray of comments coming from social media.

The Home Business Academy front-end product is a funnel builder, and as far as funnel-building software was concerned I already had a system I was using. This is as far as I went, for YEARS, looking at HBA thinking it was software I didn't need.

Fast forward to March 2023 and I started building my LiveGood business which took off at a rapid rate.

To help my growing LiveGood team develop into Online Business Owners with multiple income streams I started looking at funnel builder software.

Yes, you guessed it, The Home Business Academy was the solution.


The Home Business Academy Business Model

Their business plan which I failed to look into properly pays out 80% commissions. Their funnel builder software comes with training and resources so comprehensive, that ANYONE starting from scratch can have a working sales funnel set up in a day.

Furthermore, their HBA Premium Academy is the perfect foundation that every Online Business Owner needs.

If you want some numbers relating to HBA, look down the page.

But aside from the business model is the culture that co-owners Mike Hobbs and Paul Hutchings have created since they began The Home Business Academy in 2016.

Their ethos is to develop a community of heart-centered, principle-centered and highly skilled entrepreneurs to make a positive impact on the world. While that may sound idealistic, it's what the Home Business Academy has achieved, and it makes the world of difference to the quality and longevity of the business.

The culture of genuine authenticity and empathy I believe is owing to co-owners Mike and Paul who are present on social media and all the live Zoom calls members can attend. It's that transparency that keeps the business rooted in its mission.

Starving kids.

Allow me to furnish you with some impressive HBA stats:

  1. HBA has been in business since 2016, and for an online business, that is a long time
  2. They have paid out over $4.4m in commissions to their affiliates
  3. Their product is in high demand by all Business Owners
  4. 7 live Zoom calls per week are available to help you grow quickly.


The Home Business Academy has 3 levels of membership

  1. Funnel Builder – $25/month
  2. HBA Premium – $125/month
  3. Financial Literacy Academy – $500 one time
  4. Every level pays 80% commissions.


Making Money with the Home Business Academy

The Home Business Academy business model is designed for affiliates to make money, so let's look at the numbers as shown on their sales page.

  • 1 sale per week of HBA Premium your gross revenue is $74, 800 per year.
  • 2 sales per week of HBA Premium your gross revenue is $149, 760 per year.
  • 3 sales per week of HBA Premium your gross revenue is $224, 640 per year.

Net revenue will depend on your marketing strategy and $150 per month for HBA Funnel Builder and HBA Premium.

FTC Disclaimer: “Average affiliates can expect to earn $328 with this business.” For full earnings disclosure visit: To earn much higher income amounts, work, skill and commitment are required. This business has paid over 4.4 Million dollars in affiliate commissions so far…


You can get yourself The Funnel Builder for $25 per month with the option to have a 14-day trial of Premium to see if it's for you.

There's no cost to set up as an affiliate which is all done reliably using SamCart.

My final thoughts are that The Home Business Academy has been designed to benefit its affiliates. So if you're looking for a great system to promote, and you want to be profitable without being worried about getting left behind, The Home Business Academy could be for you.

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