Facebook Ad TipsFacebook ad campaigns are well-known for being a powerful way to create leads and sales in your home-based business online. The trouble with Facebook ads is people often jump straight in, get carried away then get their accounts shut down because they don't know what they're doing.If that's you then don't worry, you're not alone..!

Many people, and businesses have increasingly of late, had their Facebook Ad accounts  thrown in ‘Facebook Jail' or shut down.

This article will give you 7 Facebook Ad Tips to build your home-based business in a sustainable and profitable way. What's more I will help and guide you to avoid the common pitfalls many people unknowingly fall into.


If Your Facebook Ad Account Has Been Shut Down

You market with the best intentions with great products, and yet your Facebook Ad account gets shut down… Here's what you can do in the first instance –

  1. Appeal the decision
  2. Request a manual review

In some cases, Facebook Ad accounts have been shut down by mistake, and following an appeal the account was re-opened.

If you do appeal a decision remember that you will be talking to a real person, so a little charm just makes for good common and business sense. The key is requesting a manual review. If however this still proves unsuccessful, then the only cause of action is to create another account although remember to observe the following points:

  1. Open a new account
  2. Use a different credit card
  3. Use a new email

The reason your account was shut down wasn't because Facebook randomly targeted you, you simply fell foul of Facebook Ad policies.


Facebook Ad Fan Page Policies


Below are a number of highlighted Facebook Ad tips that many people are unaware of. If you fall foul of any of these then you risk losing your account:

  1. No reference to Make Money Online or MLM.
  2. Don't have exit pop-ups on any of your pages.
  3. Relevancy – Your ad and landing page have a relevancy score. Below 6 is an indicator that relevancy is an issue.
  4. Check your URL with www.mywot.com to check there are no bad listings or markers against your URL.
  5. You must have the privacy policy, terms and conditions, and disclaimers on your pages.
  6. Delete all disapproved ads in your ad account

It is important to understand why people get their Facebook Ad accounts shut down. Now you're armed with this information, let's move onto the 7 Facebook Ad Tips To Build Your Home-Based Business Online.


Facebook Ad Tip #1 – Your Perfect Customer

Whatever you do in business, there will always be two vital, essential questions to ask. What are you selling, and who are you selling it to.

I teach all about this subject at length in my 5 Day Attraction Marketing Bootcamp training which I recommend you watch and study.


Facebook Ad Tip #2 – Your Passion

When I started online, I was taught to go with what you're passionate about. The reason for this is nothing conveys a message like your own passion.

Your passion will come over in what you say, what you write, in everything you do. People can identify genuine passion on a subconscious level which gives you connection and builds your know, like and trust rapport with your customers.

Your passion is also what you become to be known for online which builds and develops your brand.


Facebook Ad Tip #3 – Creating Raving Fans

Unless you understand and complete steps 1 AND 2 above, then everything else you do from here is a waster of time. Yes, that sounds harsh but that's the truth of the matter and just an indication of how important steps 1 and 2 are.

Fan pages are all about developing engagement and building relationships.

If your fan page is about baking cakes and you attract people looking to bake their own bread then they're not going to engage with your page, which is bad for you and Facebook will raise a flag to that.

remember what I said about relevancy and a low relevancy score responsible, in some cases, for shutting accounts down.

Researching your market and attracting the right people to your fan page will get your page seen by more people. It will develop your audience into long-term fans and customers, which builds long-term profits and sustainability into your business.

To really learn the mechanics of how to use Facebook Advertising click on the image above, complete your name and email address in the form and learn from Michelle Pescosolido herself with her Facebook Advertising Mastery course.

In part 2 of this article I'll be covering the last four parts of the 7 Facebook Ad Tips To Build Your Home-Based Business Online. I'll be discussing the types of Facebook Ad campaigns to use, targeting, engagement and optimization.


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