SEO Strategy for BeginnersWelcome to another video tip of the week “SEO Strategy For Beginners – Rank In Google Within 24 Hours”

If you're a beginner to Internet Marketing you'll be forgiven for feeling overwhelmed about SEO. Learning how SEO Search Engine Optimization works can be confusing. The fact is that the process can be simple as I show in the video below.

By following the steps in the video, you can quickly rank your social media, articles and websites.


The software I refer to in the video is called OnlyWire and you can get access to it by clicking this link.

What I noticed with my own blog was many of the articles rank in the first page of Google. Many of these ranked within 24 hours using OnlyWire. Using the RSS automation the process is made even easier.

Rank In Google Within 24 Hours with OnlyWire

Rank In Google Within 24 HoursPost to 40+ Social Media Sites

Having the ability to post to multiple Social Media Sites at once not only saves you time, but affects your SEO. Social interaction is a vital component with SEO and how to rank on Google quickly.


Social interaction such as likes, shares and comments are like votes, and tells Google that your content is worth ranking.


Automate Posts

Having the ability to automate saves you time. As I demonstrated in the video, adding relevant RSS feeds into OnlyWire is simple. It means that both my blog posts and my You Tube videos are instantly given social exposure, and ranked in the search engines.

As the You Tube videos have links pointing back to my content, that further improves the ranking.


OnlyWire Additional Features

  • Handy feature you can add with OnlyWire are a plugin to post directly from your browser.
  • You can generate code to add a share button
  • Access powerful analytics on your campaigns
  • Monitor comments via the application

OnlyWire is one of four steps I use for my SEO Strategy. For more information on SEO strategies read my previous article here

It's the easiest SEO Strategy For Beginners and by using OnlyWire you will rank in Google within 24 hours.

Click this link to get Onlywire Today & start to rank in Google within 24 hours.


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