how to get better google search resultsWhen I first started my online business, the holy grail of Online Marketing was knowing how to rank your article on the first page of Google. Back then there was no social media and You Tube hadn't yet been invented!

All reliable online marketing practices were about producing good content with content marketing, and a sound knowledge of SEO – Search Engine Optimization.

Over more recent years, social media has taken over as the number one method in which people like to consume information. Needless to say Facebook Ads and leveraging other social media platforms has become ‘De rigueur' for bringing products and services to market and to scale effectively.

However with that said, if you don't have your own blog then you are setting yourself up for a short career with your online business. Furthermore if you don't know “how to rank your article on the first page of google” then your blogging efforts won't result in ‘money in your pocket.'

This article sets out what you need and how to rank your article on the first page of google. How to improve Google search results for your articles, and how to improve Google search ranking overall.

How To Rank Your Article On The First Page Of Google In 24 Hours

Typically my articles rank on the first page of Google within 24 hours, while articles I wrote months ago still rank on the first page.

What this means from a business perspective, is that once an article is written, optimized and monetized, it is your own Online Real Estate that keeps working for you, generating income for months and years to come.

How To Rank Your Article On The First Page Of Google

It's not about ranking your website to #1 in Google, but optimizing your articles for Google ranking... Share on X


How To Increase Google Ranking For Free – On Page SEO

While FREE is a word I don't like to use, understanding the basics of effective SEO does come free – (at least if you're reading this article..!)

Lets have a look at what those basics are and how to improve Google search ranking.

  • Offers
  • Keywords
  • Relevancy



I start with offers because each article you write must have an intention in mind. Ask yourself –

Who are your readers? What pain points do they have and what solutions can you provide with your article? What do you want your readers to do?

Maybe it's to sign up to a training, buy a product or visit your social media page. Whatever it is, you need to determine the outcome and structure your article in the right way.

By understanding your target market you'll have significantly more success in all your marketing.

how to improve google search results


Understanding your target market is understanding what they are searching for. By researching keywords in a free tool like the Google Keyword Planner Tool, you'll be able to research keywords.

When researching your keywords you need to pay attention to high search volume and low competition keywords. In addition to that, separate your keywords into three of the following categories –

  1. People that know about your product
  2. People that are looking for solutions that your product can solve
  3. People that don't yet know they have a problem
how to rank your article on the first page of Google

The Google Keyword Planner Tool


After you have selected the relevant keyword to use, head over to Google and type it into the search box.

At the bottom of the page, Google will suggest alternative (secondary) keywords that people are also using that are relevant to you. Copy these keywords, and use them naturally throughout your article while adding them as Tags in your WordPress site.

how to improve google search ranking



Keyword relevancy is important for two reasons:

If you optimize your article for the keyword “how to improve google search ranking” and your article is about personal self-improvement firstly you'll have a high bounce rate by visitors to your site and secondly Google will de-rank your website in Google ranking. Just remember this is all about getting your website to the top of Google so keyword relevancy is important.

While much of this may seem basic, it's amazing how many people fail to research anything before writing an article. This is how to get better google search results…


How To Rank Your Article On The First Page Of Google In 24 Hours – On Page SEO

On page SEO is the method of structuring your article in such a way that it's easily read by the search engines. On page SEO is also how to improve google search ranking.

Once you have carried out your research, you'll be in a position to begin writing your article.



There are 3 tags that you need to know about :

  • H1 Tags
  • H2 Tags
  • ALT Tags

H1 Tags are the main title Tag. Check to see that your website is using them on your site by checking the source code.

The title of your article (the H1 Tag) should contain your primary keyword

H2 Tags are the sub headling and should include your primary main keyword or suggested secondary keywords obtained from Google Suggest

ALT Tags are the Tags associated with your images, and like H2 Tags they should contain your primary and secondary Keywords to improve your Google ranking. Search Engines cannot see images but they can read the alt tags. So if your articles are image-heavy and you have no ALT Tags in place,  that may be a reason your articles aren't ranking as you would like.

Good On-Page SEO should include the primary keyword in the first paragraph, bolded keywords and keywords places in “inverted commas.”

One thing to note is that whether you're looking at how to increase Google ranking for free, or how to improve Google search results, you must write naturally and for your target audience.



Search Engine Optimization is what I call the ‘long game'. SEO takes time to master, it can take time to rank, but when you get things right, plan and prepare you will develop a secure online business with a larger ROI because you have less of an advertising budget.

Develop the skills of SEO & you'll know exactly how to rank your article on the first page of Google in 24 hours. Share on X

This article is an introduction into how to improve google search results, remember that the key to building any successful online business is understanding your target market and providing solutions for them.


Speak soon

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