Video Marketing Strategy To Develop Your BrandIf you have a business on the Internet, chances are you've made a video of some kind. This article gives you practical Video Marketing Strategy to develop your brand and improve your skills with your video marketing strategy.

I've always had a passion with filmmaking and video marketing strategies, especially as an Internet business owner.

A few short years ago I decided to improve my skills and spent 3 years at film school earning a BA(Hons) degree. So I feel qualified enough to share some top video marketing tips about the practical aspects of making better videos, looking professional and developing your brand.

It doesn't take a seasoned Internet marketing professional to know that video marketing and video advertising is an essential part of growing and developing your Internet business, especially if You Tube is part of your video marketing mix.

It takes skill and maybe trial and error to produce videos that people want to watch, and to make videos that have an impact with your target audience. With the right tips and techniques you can quickly raise your game and stand out from the crowd.


Your Video Marketing Intentions

The intention with any type of video marketing, is to convey a clear message, & move your viewer onto the next step you want them to take.

Avoid at all costs annoying or distracting your viewer with poor camera work, bad lighting, audio that nobody can hear, or worse still, adding an abundance of inappropriate transitions and green screen tricks…

These points may seem insignificant to the novice video marketer, but remember that subtle changes make the biggest impact in your video marketing strategy.


Video Marketing Strategy To Develop Your Brand

Getting clear on your intentions is a critical step, as is getting clear on your target audience.

Don't fall into the trap of trying to produce a viral video.

Viral videos get a lot of views, comments, and engagement, but we're not producing impromptu cat videos or those unfortunate moments captured for all to see.

Start with a solid and proven video format to follow. Your video marketing strategy is to deliver value to your target audience with reliable regularity, to develop your brand, build your audience and produce leads and sales.

One thing that you need to know from the outset, is people who watch television, are already pre-programed to follow a standardized format.

Understanding and following a proven format, is instrumental in getting the results you want with your video marketing efforts…


Your Video Format Script Outline

Some of the best examples of brand building and developing audiences are television shows.

If we examine the format of television shows, each episode is formatted as an exact duplicate of the original with different content added.

The Jeremy Kyle show is a chat show of sorts aired both in the UK and around the world. It is a good example of a proven format, that has developed scores of raving fans.

At this point however, don't think for a second I'm a fan of the show..!

Those of you that watch the show know that the format is always predictable and reliably delivers its content to a pre-programed and expecting audience.

Developing your format for an effective video marketing strategy can be a very simple combination, that your target audience will grow to learn and expect when they watch your videos.

A typical format can consist of:

  1. Introduction
  2. Opening credits
  3. Main Content
  4. Outro
  5. Call To Action
  6. Additional Branding Tricks


Video Introduction

Your introduction is the hook to keep your audience engaged. The topic of the video or the problem to which you will give the solution.

If you study any news reel, the news anchor will begin with three main headlines before the opening titles to hook the audience.

A typical intro format can be split into three sections:

  1. A general introduction of you the presenter. Introduce yourself in the way you want to develop your brand.
  2. Explain the content to be discussed in the video and why they should continue watching.
  3. Tell your audience to keep watching.

The introduction plays an important step because your audience will either keep watching or turn off, so this format works well in teaching your audience to keep watching, and the reasons why.


Opening Credits

Opening credits can be as simple or as complicated as you want, although one critical point is to keep it between 5-10 seconds.

I know this doesn't seem much to expand your growing video skills, but any longer and you risk losing your audience. On the other side, not having opening credits loses you a huge branding opportunity.

As with all things with Internet marketing, your opening credits need to be congruent with your message and branding.

Creativity plays a big part in this, but so does common sense. Quick cuts with cross fade transitions should be all that is needed along with a simple screen title if you choose.

We'll be discussing the more technical aspects about this in another article.

If you want to add music to your opening credits, consider this the theme tune to your brand. A good source of royalty free music tracks can be found on or for a more commercial feel consider using Audio Network although check you obtain the correct licence appropriate for its use.


Main Content

In this section you deliver your value and your solution to the problem posed at the introduction.

Keep your information to the point and try not to diversify into other subjects. A video marketing tip here is when talking on camera just be yourself and deliver the message.

Trying to copy a well practised presenter can be a destructive process. Many people think they need to be perfect and polished to get the results they want with their video marketing.

The fact is that being yourself will develop you as a brand and get people to know like and trust you, which is exactly what you want.

To improve with your presenting style watch your videos, pick up on any unconscious habits that can be improved upon.

Typical unconscious habits or tells include:

  • Saying ‘err' too often – (the brains mental white noise)
  • Speaking too quickly
  • Rapid blinking – (This is an indication of brain activity)

The important thing to remember is you will improve over time so don't get too hung up about getting things right, as it's far more important to get your content in front of your target audience.


Call To Action

You need to give your audience a call to action.

If you fail to give your audience something to do once you've finished delivering your value, they will simply click away.

If they are still watching they'll be more likely to click on your call to action CTA because they have started to know like and trust you. Ensure your call to action is congruent with your subject and you'll have a better chance of success in getting your desired outcome



The outro is another important practical video marketing tip to develop your brand.

If you study any television show the outro will always be the same.

My own outro is as simple as saying ‘ I'm John McLauchlan speak soon'.

Just keep it simple…

I've seen outro's bt quite lengthy & you risk losing your audience by being too salesy, but your audience will expect an outro so add something appropriate & something you feel comfortable with.


Additional Branding Tricks

There's a couple of video marketing strategies that can be used to solidify your branding:

  1. Logo Stings
  2. Bloopers

Logo stings display your logo and website and provide a professional closing frame.

You can get a pre-rendered  logo sting off the shelf from sites such as Pond 5 or have a dig around for people to hire.

A maximum of 5 seconds is recommended for an effective logo sting.

Bloopers – We all make mistakes, so why not add them at the end. It will show your human, vulnerable side and significantly add to the know, like and trust factor.

Bloopers can be added with a flash transition, although if you curse and swear when you make a mistake, maybe bloopers wouldn't be a good idea!


Effective Video Marketing Strategy Conclusion

Establishing a practical video marketing strategy to develop your brand is what your audience expects. It highlights you as an authority and from all the noise on the Internet.

An effective video marketing strategy will build you traction, develop your brand, and transform your audience into raving fans, followers and customers.

Now get out there, hit the record button and have fun..!


Speak soon

John McLauchlan
“Helping You Build Your 6 Figure Internet Business”


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