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Back in 2008, I attended my first Internet Marketing event hosted by an Australian guy called Nick. He'd made millions in the financial markets and was a pretty clued up marketer too.

Nick gave a talk about the financial markets and even though I was intrigued, I thought it way too complicated to learn.

At the event, I decided to get on board with a company called Success University and put the work in to build a healthy business.

The last 12 years online has had its big highs and its big lows. Companies and owners becoming unstable, companies closed down and having to start again from scratch.

Becoming an Online Business Coach showed me that the success rate for online businesses is around 5%.

If you give a group of beginners the same products, the same sales funnel, the same follow up sequence and the same ads, they'll all get different results. For a Business Coach, that's frustrating and people often give up too easily to make it work, looking for a quick fix.

Developing an Online Business, however, sure beats working for 50 years with a golden clock at the end of it though. (only to find the goalposts changed - and you have to work an extra 5 years) Click To Tweet

I finally made the decision to learn the Forex markets, the story you can read about here.

Let's compare building an Online Business and learning to trade the Forex Markets?

With an online business, you need to:

  1. Understand who you want to serve in the market
  2. Understand your target audience and the solutions they are looking for
  3. Ensure your niche has high demand and low competition
  4. Develop a product or service or find a product to sell
  5. Develop an offer and build a sales funnel or process
  6. Learn social media marketing
  7. Produce video content and learn some basic editing skills
  8. Learn photo editing and add that to your sales and marketing processes

Now can you see why most people fail with Online Marketing?

Now let's compare that with starting Forex Trading as a beginner.

  1. Find a broker and set up an account for free
  2. Deposit some funds or start with a demo account for free
  3. Set up a Trading View account for free
  4. Copy the trade ideas from my team for 7-days
  5. win some trades and make some money


I'm part of a trading group called the ‘Forex Trading Ninjas‘.  We have a consistent 90%+ win rate over the last 3 years and take thousands of pips in profit each month. We trade together LIVE each day. Our strategies are so accurate that month on month the wins and pips increase.

We're also transparent about the losses too.

Forex Trading Ninjas







What that means for you as a beginner, is when you join a team with those results, you get EXACTLY the same results. Because that's how the markets work.

Beginners are getting involved with our Forex group and making money within 7-days. With the right approach, you can expect to trade full-time in 12 months.

What that means for you, is 12 months from today you can have the skills to be Financially Independent for the rest of your life. A skill you can teach to your family so they never have to worry about money again.

I understand that you think it's all ‘too good to be true', so with that in mind, we invite you to our 7-day trial. You'll see EXACTLY what we do and how it's possible for you.

After the 7-day trial, you can come on board as a new trader and make it happen.

We now have over 500 traders in our Forex Trading Ninja group. Many are now financially independent full-time traders and many are well on their way.

➡️ I made you a video to guide you to access your free 7-day trial here.

You have nothing to lose by taking a look.


In conclusion, what is better Online Business or Forex Trading?

Let's just say that neither become profitable by doing nothing…


Speak soon

John McLauchlan

“Life Beyond Financial Boundaries”

John McLauchlan






P.S. I waited 12 months to make the decision to start Forex Trading, don't make the same mistake – your future is too precious. Click here to learn exactly what we do and access your free trial now.

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