2024 is just around the corner, and here's my biggest takeaway for you to develop the results you're looking for in your business.

The BIGGEST change needed in 2024 and something I saw the need for back in 2014.
It's the need for absolute transparency and honesty in your marketing.
When you look around at the online business space, people are lured into thinking that earning money online is quick and easy, free or simple. (And if you're starting from scratch, it's anything but quick and easy.)

For the established Business Owner, starting a new online business IS quick and easy, but when you're starting from scratch it's a steep learning curve.

The “quick and easy” marketing isn't intended to be misleading, but most marketers believe that if you tell people the cold truth about what it takes to build a business, people wouldn't start in the first place.

Let me tell you that the OPPOSITE is true and people respect you more for being transparent because it sets the expectations, and increases retention, and positive outcomes overall.

A Tip If You're Brand New

I know that most people who are new to the business want to shy away from the camera until they have more confidence and value to share with their audience.

Let me tell you something else… People can often resonate better with brand-new Business Owners who are honest and transparent than more established ones who are preaching “quick and easy.”

Truth be known the 6 & 7-figure Business Owners have a hard time proving their success or play things down to resonate with people getting started.

So the message here is if you have been in your new business for only 1 day you have value to share. Tell it like it is, tell YOUR story because your new audience will love it.

Finally, make your New Year a prosperous one. Not by setting resolutions and wishing, but by doing and taking actionable steps every day in 2024.

Happy New Year!


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