Off Page SEO StrategiesIn this week's Video Tip of The Week, I show you two reliable Off-page SEO strategies to increase ranking and generate revenue.

These off-page SEO strategies are two steps of my 3 step off page SEO strategy I use. This allows me to get relevant backlinks to my articles and increase the ranking of my website.

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Off Page SEO Strategies

In addition to the on-page SEO strategies, which I discuss in this blog post, you need “off page SEO strategies” as part of your overall SEO search engine optimization strategy.

Off-page SEO techniques should form two important functions:

  1. To generate relevant and quality backlinks to your articles.
  2. Produce social interaction such as likes, shares, and comments.


Backlinks are simply links displayed on other websites and articles that link back to your own.

Why Backlink relevancy and quality is essential:

At one time in the past, having a whole bunch of spammy backlinks to your site improved your ranking. These days, backlinks need to be relevant to your site's content, thanks to a number of Google Algorithm updates such as Penguin.

You can get spammy backlinks from link farms, or pay to get thousands of backlinks for $5. But regardless of how well written or optimized your articles are for on-page SEO, spammy backlinks will hurt your overall Google search rankings.


My Two Step Off-Page SEO Strategies

In order to generate backlinks and rank my articles, I use two pieces of software:

Spin Distrubute Off-Page SEO Strategies

Off Page SEO Strategies - Spin Rewriter




  1. Spin Rewriter
  2. Spin Distribute

Spinning Your Articles With Spin Rewriter Software

Article spinning is the practice of adding additional words and phrases into relevant synonyms. Content spinning produces many millions of variations of the same content, avoiding the ‘penalty' of producing duplicate content which harms your overall website ranking.


As shown in the video I use Spin Rewriter to do this.


Off Page SEO Strategies - Spin Rewriter

The mistakes of using spun content for SEO:

A lot of online business owners don't fully understand how to use spun content as an effective off page SEO strategy.

The mistake people make, is to obtain a generic article from public domain sources such as PLR, spin them, then use those articles on their primary websites. Primary websites are your front-end sites, such as your personal blog that you want to rank.

Using Spun Content for SEO purposes only

Spun content is highly effective in your bag of off page SEO techniques, and knowing where to use it the key to succeeding with SEO.

I know an online business owner that used this off page SEO technique on a personal blog. Instead of writing good quality articles, PLR and public domain article sites were used. Over a 12 month period, 1400 articles had been uploaded to the blog site.

The result was the site never ranked, or was found on Google…


Distributing Your Articles With Spin Distribute

Off Page SEO with Spin Distribute


Spin Distribute will ‘syndicate' your content and generate 800 quality and relevant backlinks to your article at a very affordable price. The backlinks are drip fed over a chosen period of time. Search engines like to see a slow and steady addition of backlinks to your site over a long period of time.

Each time you produce an article on your blog and distribute it with Spin Distribute more backlinks are added. If you blog on a regular basis (3-5 times a week) there will be an ever-increasing deployment of backlinks and a marked increase in your search engine ranking.

Spin Distribute also offers a full service of writing and distributing articles, all done-for-you.

Spin Distribute for better SEO



Off Page SEO Conclusions

I see a lot of excellent websites, consisting of quality articles providing value to the reader. The issue is that many of these sites don't rank on the search engines. In addition, I also see lower quality websites that rank well because the owner of the site understands Search Engine Optimization.

If you own your own blog, and you want it to generate revenue, then you need to know about search engine optimization. Taking the steps to used Spin Rewriter and Spin Distribute will see your Google ranking and your profits rise as a result.

Click this link to get started with Spin Rewriter

Click this link to sign up for your free account with Spin Distribute


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