In this training, you're going to learn about the Pattern Interrupt. What they are and how you can use the Pattern Interrupt in your online business, and day to day life with dramatic results.

Pattern Interrupt

A Pattern Interrupt is a term taken from NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), which are learned methods of communication.

Picture your morning routine driving to work. You get in the car at the same time, take the same route, see the same people. The radio even plays the same jingle at the traffic lights next to the house where the dogs that bark at the window…

Can you recall how many times have you arrived at work with no recollection of your journey! Your mind has been on autopilot.


Pattern InterruptsWhat Is A Pattern Interrupt

A Pattern Interrupt, therefore, interrupts that train of thought which works on autopilot. Used in the right way a Pattern Interrupt has the ability to change the direction of your thoughts onto a new one.

Just imagine you're in the car, listening to the same jingle on the radio, at the traffic lights next to the house where the dogs bark at the window. Then without warning the dogs escape into the garden and onto the road, stopping the traffic for 10 minutes.

You'll certainly remember that journey to work.


Mental Pattern InterruptUsing a Pattern Interrupt In Everyday Situations

Before NLP and the term “Pattern Interrupt” had been invented, we as human beings had been using the technique unconsciously.

When serving as a Police Officer, the technique I used was to answer a question with a question by getting people to think to change their thinking pattern.

A few years ago I was searching on foot for a car thief on a local council estate. The thief was described as a white male wearing a blue jacket. The following conversation took place between me and a youth sat on a wall –

  • Youth: “Who you looking for boss?”
  • Me: “Have you seen a bloke with a beard & white tracksuit?”
  • Youth: “No? I saw a lad in a blue jacket going that way…”
  • Me: “Thanks.”

The youth at the time was intent on misguiding the police. By answering his question he becomes empowered with the same information I had. By using the Pattern Interrupt, it changed his thinking pattern and empowered me to extract useful information.

Many people could argue that this technique, is more the Sandler Sales Methodology Pattern Interrupt. This is where someone asks you a question without revealing their full intent, so additional questions are asked to reveal the real question they want to ask.

A few years ago, this technique made me over $62,000 in an afternoon…

I was showing a chap round a house I was selling. After the viewing he asked me questions, politely thanked me and said it wasn't what he was looking for. After a few questions I established what he was looking for and we made a deal there and then.


pattern disruption techniquesUsing A Pattern Interrupt To Maximize Your Online Marketing 

We all find ourselves scrolling through the Facebook news feed unconsciously for 5 minutes when really we've wasted 20! That hypnotic state of awareness is exactly what you need to learn to break with a Pattern Interrupt in your marketing.

Just imagine, you're sat at your office desk working on new killer sales funnel with a 24-hour deadline when the phone rings…

  • Sales Guy: “Hello this is Nigel Baxter from SEO Direct we specialize in optimizing your site to get more visitors, are you interested in a quote?”
  • You: “Not really I'm In the middle of something” 
  • Sales Guy: “All we need are some details”  
  • You: …click

As soon as you realize it's a sales call, your thought pattern is directed to terminate the call as quickly as possible.

A pattern interrupt cold call, in this case, could go something like this:

  • NLP Sales Guy: “Hello this is Nigel Baxter from SEO Direct – Is that name familiar to you..?”
  • You: …thinking…”…er, no, should it..?”

The Pattern Interrupt asked a question, made you think, and began the cycle of communication.

With this in mind, think about how you can add a Pattern Interrupt in your social media posts, landing pages, email headlines. A Pattern Interrupt that works effectively, makes your audience think, changes their mental state and are more likely to buy things from you.

Remember the old adage that people like to buy, but don't like to be sold to.

Are you ‘Sales Guy' in your marketing? Like so many people who adopt 1980's marketing with statements such as – “I have an amazing opportunity for the first 10 people to get in at the ground level”


Or the NLP sales guy who creates curiosity by asking “No Website, No Product, No Money? – No Problem…”


Pattern Interrupt HypnosisAnd Finally – The Pattern Interrupt

The Pattern Interrupt can be a number of different things.

As explained in this article a Pattern Interrupt can be verbal linguistics to another person or to yourself. As a visual representation or as the written word. A Pattern Interrupt can also include going for a walk, taking a different route to work, or choosing to see a different perspective on a situation.

Remember that the Pattern Interrupt serves to do three things:

  1. Instigate a thought process
  2. Break the current thought pattern
  3. Introduce a different mental state

Remember that practice, testing and measuring will determine your level of success.


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