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Yesterday evening I travelled to Birmingham in the West Midlands UK to meet with a group of online business owners I work closely with which was fantastic.

But in sharp contrast, while we were at the event I heard the news that the musician Prince had died.

I've been a fan of Prince since I was maybe 13 years old, so the news came as quite a shock as I'm sure it did to you too.

I remember watching the film Purple Rain and I became a die hard fan.

But that shock turned to a bitter regret, which is a feeling I never usually have, because this was regret for not having gone and done something.

You see, around 20 years ago while I was still in the Police, I got some tickets to one of his concerts as I always wanted to watch him perform live. Unfortunately I couldn't persuade my Sergeant to give me the time off, and I never went…

In fact I never saw Prince play live and I regret not having booked alternative times because I just assumed he would be around for years and I would ‘get round to it' when I had more time.Prince Rogers Nelson

The thing is, life is just sometimes like this.

We have an opportunity to do something and we don't t take it, miss out on it, and never become proactive to do something we always wanted to do.

Then we look back with a bitter regret…

It's exactly the same for many people developing an online business – you see there are loads of people who have been around the online business industry for YEARS, and not done anything about it, and watched people they know go on to build 6, 7,8 and 9 figure businesses…

Then look back and regret not having just got in, and got busy, and developed their OWN successful businesses online.

Imagine, your life 5 years from now having built your multiple 6 figure business. You work from anywhere you choose for 2-3 hours a day, you drive your dream car, you're in a position to help family and loved ones…

You do exactly what Prince did, live life on your own terms and dance to your own tune.

That life is all possible if you want it and it starts with education…
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