If you watch my videos on YouTube, you'll know that I've been involved with an email marketing platform called “My Lead Gen Secret” for over 4 years. I've promoted different products using My Lead Gen Secret, so I decided it was time to start a simple case study.

The case study involves using MLGS to promote ClickBank products to see how much revenue we can generate. I'll be reviewing things each quarter and testing and tweaking along the way.

Here's the full Playlist on my YouTube channel:


Who Is This Case Study For?

If you are an Online Business Owner, and you want an additional income source. Or you want to hone your email marketing skills, then this case study is for you.


What Is My Lead Gen Secret?  

My Lead Gen Secret is an email platform that will deliver you 100 co-registration “Biz Opp” leads each day that build up in your account. You can email your leads every 24 hours using the mailing system inside the platform.

Co-registration leads are people who have requested information within the Biz Opp niche. They are not quality leads but they do convert into sales.

My Lead Gen Secret have an affiliate program. When you refer someone to the program they will give you 100 bonus leads per day, increasing daily leads to 200. This means you will receive 1400 leads per week. They also pay out $5 per month to 5 levels deep per referral.


Boosting Your My Lead Gen Secret Leads

When I started with MLGS like most people at the time, I had one account. People realised that you could stack your accounts.

MLGS allow affiliates to sign up under their affiliate link. So when you open a second account, you receive 100 bonus leads on the first AND receive the $5 monthly residual. I currently have 5 accounts and each day 200 leads are added to each account.


The Case Study Business Model 

To follow along with the case study you will need two things:

  1. One (or several) My Lead Gen Secret account(s)
  2. A ClickBank account

A My Lead Gen Secret account will cost you $30/month and a $30 set-up for the first month:

Month 1 – $60
Subsequent months $30/m
100 leads per day


Live Chat Jobs

Live Chat Jobs is one of the Clickbank products I'm promoting with this case study.

As you can see the numbers give us the initial $ conversion amount to the average and recurring billing. I'll be reviewing the numbers as we go.

My Lead Gen Secret Clickbank


The essence of successfully making money with this strategy (or any other strategy) is being consistent. Furthermore, you need to give yourself time to grow, so patience and consistency.

This My Lead Gen Secret Clickbank strategy is simple, and it may take a few weeks to generate your first sale.

My advice is to stay the course and don't allow yourself to get distracted.

Let's see how much revenue we can generate.


Speak soon
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