Go Pro Hero 4 Black camera

The other day I was putting the finishing touches to my brand new web show with my Go Pro Hero 4 Black.

The title of the web show is yet to be announced, but essentially I film episodes of the show from my car & bike and give listeners short snippets of top-notch marketing tips to help build their Internet business.

Over the past few weeks, I had recorded several episodes for the show, set up the new website specifically for it & all that remained was to record some quality footage for the 15 – 20-second opening credits.

The opening credits were storyboarded to pay homage to the original Top Gear TV show & I was planned and ready to go.

The filming took place on the beautiful roads of Lincolnshire just near to where I live and my trusty GoPro was secured to my brother's car using the suction cup and with most of the shots ‘in the bag' I decided to film a few more takes to ensure I had all the shots I needed.

At that point, disaster happened, with the GoPro detaching itself from the car into the road which was promptly run over by a passing motorist…

The result as you can see was a very squashed and very dead GoPro HERO4 BLACK and a missing SD card to boot – so no footage either – Grrr..!

The point I want to make here is that many people look at people who have built successful Internet businesses and think their journey has been a smooth one.

Facebook Post Go Pro

My Facebook Post just after…

The fact is that nobody I know has had an easy ride, and nothing comes without its own set of challenges. The skillset to develop as an entrepreneur or business owner is to expect challenges and obstacles along the way and become solution orientated in getting past those obstacles, moving forward with your daily actions to achieve your goals.

And yes, if you fancy a bit of shouting and screaming to vent those frustrations then that's fine too! (for a bit anyway…) But after that tackle the problem, move on and get busy building your business.

So what other obstacles are you going to encounter on your journey to building your Internet business?