In 2021, I decided to update Update the software and the general look and feel of the site. It had been 6 years since the last overhaul and was overdue.

Of course, in 2020 Covid happened and many things changed, including the need for people and businesses to connect online.  As the need for online business education increased,  so did the number of overnight experts selling any old rubbish to make a profit. The 15-year-old Forex and Crypto YouTube specialists raving about their latest trade or meme coin purchase, followed by silence as their ideas implode.

There was a need for quality education and safe online learning environments. The internet had changed for many, from a medium of leisure and entertainment to a medium of survival.

I had also begun my journey into Forex Trading and Crypto investing some years earlier. Furthermore, armed with a film degree and decades of business experience, I decided it was time to put all this information together.

I know that defining a specific niche is the first secret to success, however, I decided to put everything I know about Digital Marketing and Trading into one education platform. Eventually, the McLauchlan Academy began to emerge.

The McLauchlan Academy teaches two core industries: Digital Marketing together with Forex and Crypto Trading.

You will see many digital marketers diversify into Forex and Crypto. This is because Digital Marketing and trading the markets are potentially highly profitable when done properly and within reach of most people.

The McLauchlan Academy has been designed to tailor courses and training to your specific needs from the onboarding process. Roadmaps give you a simple step-by-step sequence of actions to significantly reduce overwhelm, increase focus and productivity.

The Courses incorporate psychology-based learning to quickly understand more about yourself, your learning style, and the qualities you have to position yourself in the market.

Training is also facilitated with live coaching calls. I have experienced lots of great online training which could have been so much better with live coaching. Having the ability to ask questions and get them answered can often make all the difference in your business.

Furthermore, there is a members-only discussion forum to interact with fellow members, separate from Facebook.

A download library is available and includes software, pdf files, cheat sheets, lead magnets, templates, and more besides.

The McLauchlan Academy is scheduled to launch in autumn 2022 following beta testing pre-launch. If you would like to register for the pre-launch, click here to be added to the list.