Online Marketing TechniquesCentral London was the location for a recent online marketing event that I attended recently. The event hosted 6, 7, and 8 figure earners with specialities in Top Tier Affiliate marketing techniques, Internet Marketing, Property and Investing. The speakers gave presentations to help and advise about different marketing techniques.

The speakers included Shaqir Hussyin, Carolina Millan, Chris & Susan Beesley, Scott Zuckerman and many others who have made millions of dollars online. This was achieved because they leveraged systems, the Internet and utilized digital marketing techniques that worked.

From listening to the speakers, I came away with four extremely valuable and profitable pieces of information. Information that formed a common, yet extremely simple theme that you can implement into your business right away.


Align Yourself With A Proven Marketing System

Many people who start building an online business do so blindfolded, not knowing if their efforts will succeed.

I spoke to a nurse recently who was building her business in a Network Marketing deal. She was buying bulk quantities of product in the hope of selling it and making a profit. Of course there's nothing wrong with that, but her voice didn't have the certainty and conviction that she was going to succeed, in fact what she said was –

“I know I'm taking a big risk, but I just can't stand nursing any more.”

When I began asking her about her high converting capture pages, sales pages, follow-up system and marketing techniques, it was clear she had no idea what I was talking about.

The fact is that too many people are in this situation, being pushed by their circumstances. People often go head-long into a business without the proper education and training about starting an online business. They have no real concept of the systems needed to build a real online business that makes money, which is why leveraging proven marketing systems is essential.

A proven marketing system will have all the technical moving parts in place. Things like done-for-you converting sales funnels, product fulfillment, webinars, live events and direct mail campaigns. All you have to do is plug into it.


Find The Right Mentor

Those of you that know my story will know that I spun my wheels online for a long time until I met my first mentor.

Building a successful Internet business isn't really possible to do by yourself, because it will take you years of trial and error, testing and tweaking before you make any real income. – I know this from first hand experience..!

There's no great secret to this, if you want to learn Karate for example you find someone to teach you with the correct training, results and experience. With an Internet business you do the same and learn from people who are where you want to be.


Join A Mastermind Group

A Mastermind Group is a group of entrepreneurs involved in helping and supporting each other. Sharing direct marketing techniques, focussed on developing both people and the businesses forward towards success and the lifestyle of choice.

I'm fortunate enough to be part of an exclusive Mastermind Group. People from a number of speciality backgrounds, which you may have access to if you would like to work with me in your journey.

Mastermind group

Part of the Mastermind Group I'm fortunate enough to be part of – meeting up in Central London recently.


Move Forward Every Day

Something that motivates me were the two words ‘Every Day.'

To build a successful business you need to work it every day, to hustle every day, to keep moving forwards every day. Unlike a traditional business an online business is all about leveraging your time, systems and resources.

Your time is invested rather than trading it for money in a job or traditional business. Every day working on your online business is another day closer to the time and money freedom that more people are experiencing – Every Day…


Marketing Techniques, Systems Mentorship and Coaching

There are too many people (like my nurse friend) trying to build an online business without the right marketing techniques, marketing systems, mentorship and coaching things that you absolutely need to build a profitable business.

My mission is to help YOU build your 6 figure Internet business by giving you access to the four essential areas above.

Access to your own 1 on 1 coach, the proper systems you can leverage, proven marketing techniques, and mentorship to give you focus, direction and support.

If you want to build your own online business and would like to work with me, then click the link below and complete the form to speak to one of my coaches, or if you prefer contact me on the details next to my picture!

Click this link to get started – 21 Step Coaching Program


Speak soon

John McLauchlan
“Helping You Build Your 6 Figure Internet Business”


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