Donald Trump Marketing Lessons

At the time of writing this article, Donald J. Trump will be preparing for his inauguration to be the 45th President of the United States, and while I never discuss politics as it is portrayed in the mainstream media, there are a number of important marketing lessons to be learned from Donald Trump moving into the Whitehouse.

The race between Trump and Hillary Clinton was won by employing the best marketing lessons.

Trump Marketing Lessons – Keeping It Simple

If we look into the Donald Trump marketing campaign, two marketing methods were used namely his controversial use of Twitter, and large public rallies. The rallies are used to promote useful soundbytes, while the use of Twitter made it possible to update, react and follow-up with his captive audience in real time. With both platforms leveraging and adding momentum as the campaign trail and his audience grew.

Keeping things simple is easy to deploy and manage, and easy to educate your audience to predict your next move and have them poised for your latest statement, content or product.

Trump Marketing Lessons – Attraction or Inbound Marketing

If you're involved with online marketing you'll be familiar with the phrase Attraction or Inbound Marketing. The Trump Marketing Team developed online content and media that people were drawn or attracted to. Naturally as people are attracted to your content they are already a more likely ‘tick in the box', or at least on the path to knowing, liking and trusting you and your brand.

The Hillary Clinton Marketing team however relied strongly on old fashioned outbound marketing methods. Buying in email lists and advertising to what it thought was its “target market” in the hope it would attract the right people. This is similar to posting ads in magazines and hoping people will call your number…

One particular thought, are the campaign tag lines. The Donald Trump marketing team had “Make America Great Again” with the hashtag #MAGA. What about Hillary Clintons tag line? – (It was actually “Stronger Together.”) …But did you know?

Turn Everything Into A Trump Marketing Campaign

Some people may recall the 3 round tussle Donald Trump had with Senator Lindsey Graham.

The first round Trump swung for a right cross and publically gave out Lindsey Grahams mobile / cell phone number in the “Spirit of fair and open political debate”, the second round was a rather pre-emptive left cross when Trumps number was also given out, and people encouraged to call the number. For those that did call, were played the following message –

“I’m Donald Trump and I’m running for the presidency of the United States of America. With your help and support, together we can make America truly great again. Visit me at Twitter @RealDonaldTrump and check out my campaign website at Hope to see you on the campaign trail.”

Round 3 went to Trump…

Concluding the Donald Trump Marketing Campaign

The “Donald Trump Marketing Lessons” and marketing style we have seen over the last 18 months of campaigning, have proven that with the proper marketing strategies in place, you can win the White House.

Keep things simple, and attract the right people who like, know and trust you. Leverage both your brand, and offline & offline platforms. Integrate both of them together to update and inform people in real time. Making the most of adversity, to see opportunity where many others would see defeat.

Whatever your political differences are, and whether you like Donald Trump or not, (which is also good marketing) there is a lot to be learned from his “marketing lessons.”

Can we say ‘Trump Marketing Genius?' Well for the Property Developer, Reality TV star turned Politician, you'd have to ask Hillary Clinton…