Blogging Tips Make Money BloggingIn Part 2 of this series of articles How To Make Money Blogging, we look into how to make money blogging by attracting your perfect customer.

To recap In part 1 of this series of articles How To Make Money Blogging I explained that success online is like baking a cake. Selecting the critical ingredients to get the results you want. The first blogging tip or ingredient is researching your market and identifying a market to attract to your blog.

In this article we look at identifying your perfect customer avatar, or your ideal target market.

Identifying Your Perfect Customer To Make Money Blogging

Too many people take the approach of trying to sell to everyone, a term often called the ‘shotgun approach'. This approach is often taught by many offline network marketing companies. Perhaps an approach that worked when offline resources were the only marketing means available.

If you want to make money blogging, identifying your target market is the first step. The second step is identifying your perfect customer within that target market.

Here's a list of things I like to check off when identifying my perfect customer:

  • Their basic details, marriage & homeowner status.
  • Their hobbies & what they drive.
  • What they read, holidays.
  • Income bracket
  • Skills, abilities, character traits
  • Their pain points & fears
  • Their motivations

The above list is by no means exhaustive, but a clear definition is critical to identify your perfect customer.


Blogging Tips I Learned Offline

Make Money Blogging

One of my early successful black belt students

Today, building a business on the Internet gives you have the ability to talk directly to your perfect customer. The mistake many people make is not knowing they exist in the first place.

Defining your ideal customer or client is something I learned when I started my karate club…

A few years ago I was asked to teach karate at a local community centre. I made some initial enquiries and found that word had spread quickly about the club and there was a lot of interest.

The area was in a run-down part of town, there wasn't a lot of money around and even less discipline, so I thought karate would be great for the area.

And it was…

The opening night saw 32 fully paid members who were all keen to learn. Many of the adults and children thrived on the discipline and structure of karate training.

From a business perspective however, there were limitations.

Many people were limited by their income and transport, which meant that few people would attend courses, gradings and other events. In addition to that teaching the lessons were extremely intense as I was teaching karate, life skills and basic etiquette.

A couple of months later I expanded the club in a more affluent part of the town. At that point I attracted professional people, with both children and parents training together, the club held regular courses and gradings which were well attended.

What I learned is that I'd attracted my ideal student or customer, with the club forging its identity, branding and its unique selling proposition. The club grew in strength and reputation because I had found my ideal customer and client.

The fact is that all of that happened by chance, but as soon as my perfect customer was identified, I attracted more of them simply because I knew who I was talking to in my marketing.


Attracting Your Perfect Customer To Make Money Blogging

Attracting your perfect customer to make money online is a simple process of talking to your perfect customer in their language. Understanding their pain points, such as not enough quality time to spend with the family, a lack of pension provision or financial insecurity owing to a changing market.

This language we use when we write our blogs, directed towards our perfect customer are some of the most powerful blogging tips, and the reason why some people are successful and make money blogging and some don't make money blogging.

If you follow the blogging tips in both parts of How To Make Money Blogging, you'll be well on your way to successfully attracting your perfect customer and making money with your blog.

In part 3 of this series we'll be looking at the principle of attracting your customers and clients, and the biggest reason why most people fail with their blog.


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