February 13th, 2023 was the day I received an email from a marketing friend I'd known for years. He told me about a company called LiveGood, so I decided to take a look.

As I read his email and realised he was talking about a network marketing company I became less interested. Firstly, LiveGood was a start-up company which meant high risk and network marketing usually meant high-priced products and a great-looking compensation plan on paper.

Here's a LiveGood Review video I shot 48 hours after I joined:

However, I decided to take a look at LiveGood and clicked on the link.

To be honest I was taken aback by what I saw. The first thing was the price of the products was much less than my local supermarket. This didn't make sense because this was Network Marketing, and Network Marketing is known for overpriced products.

…So by now, this LiveGood thing had my attention.

Secondly, as a Marketer,  I was impressed with the packaging and merchandising, so my thoughts were that joining the business would be expensive.

This was surprise number two. LiveGood operates a membership-based business model which costs $9.95/month with an initial $40 affiliate fee.


I Signed Up For LiveGood The Same Day

I signed up based on these factors alone and the $49.95 was low risk.

The following day I began marketing and quickly built a team of over 600 people. Most people ask what I did to build my team so quickly, well several things made it possible.

  1. Timing – timing in business is everything and the timing was right on this occasion
  2. Honesty – People respond to honesty, and my video reviews tell it like it is
  3. In demand Product – MLM was ready for a change and the membership business model was it.

The points above were relevant at the time, but it in no way means that it's too late to join LiveGood. In business, things are constantly evolving and LiveGood is just getting started with almost a million members worldwide.

One factor that built my confidence in building and recommending the business was everything had been set up properly. You see, there are a lot of businesses that launch that have great potential, yet their lack of developed infrastructure can lead to the business falling like a deck of cards.

Setting up a business from scratch takes time, money, and knowledge, and it's rare when a company gets most of those elements right from the start.

I say most because one issue that has been resolved is product delivery. At the time I joined the business, LiveGood was sending products globally from Florida. This meant that delivering to the UK was expensive, with some countries encountering border and customs issues.

This issue has been mainly resolved with local warehousing which has lowered delivery costs and sped up delivery times.

Overall from my perspective, the website works flawlessly, the payout system is in place and working, and the products are exceptional, produced by Ryan Goodkin who is a Pharmacist, fitness expert, and co-owner of LiveGood.

To date in less than 12 months, over $50 million in commissions has already been paid out.


The Future of LiveGood

So what does the future hold?

In my opinion, LiveGood is a company that has its sights set on longevity. operating a membership business model, so if you compare it with Costco and Amazon with around 100 million members, the potential for the business could be 5 million members in the next 2-3 years.

If you want to get started with LiveGood, I offer a lot of training and resources. To make this business work you need to put in the effort just like any other.

Click the link below to see my page, where you can get a free tour of LiveGood along with a fine selection of emails from me.

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