For over 25 years I've been teaching the Key to Success and the importance of the Growth Mindset.

Like many people living in the 21st century, we become absorbed with attaining our own level of success. We often become distracted by it and lose sight of the key to success.

The key to success is the anchor that keeps us focused on the process. The process that develops our success, and the growth mindset that keeps us growing, learning and developing.

This is the growth mindset.

Growth mindset is the name given by Professor Carol Dweck. Dweck is a psychologist who teaches that effort leads to success, and intelligence can develop with a “growth mindset”

Watch Carol Dwecks excellent TED Talk –


Your Growth Mindset – The Key To Success In Business

Maybe you identify with what Carol Dweck is saying about Growth Mindset in her excellent TED Talk.

If you're reading this post right now, the chances are you're developing an online business. Perhaps you've started your online business, and are hopelessly overwhelmed…

Just remember one thing –

Understand that Carol Dweck's message is that effort leads to success.

As a result of that effort, intelligence can develop by growing your neural pathways in your brain. If you have a “Growth Mindset” rather than a fixed mindset.

Dweck says that success is possible when you:

  1. Step outside your comfort zone
  2. Reward the ‘process'
  3. Adopt a growth mindset

Everything you know from reading personal development books is scientifically proven by Dweck and her work.

My Growth Mindset – The Key To Success In Life

When I was 12 years old, I realised a dream which was to learn Karate. Of course, I wanted to learn when I was much younger.

My brother and I would jump around the house in our pajamas with our Karate moves. However, back in the 1970's kindergarten karate hadn't yet become a viable business and 12 years of age was the age you had to be.

I vividly remember my first lesson and I couldn't wait to learn everything I could about Karate.

Back then the lessons were disciplined and tough. If your stances were too high, you'd be kicked to the floor or slapped on the head. If you were caught talking, the punishment was bunny hops around (and around) the dojo floor.

However I thrived on it, and as a beginner while belt I had an epiphany moment about learning Karate. That epiphany moment was that I could get super fit by training hard and being the best I could be.

I met up to train with my friends in the school holidays and weekends. I learned about nutrition and we trained as hard as we could. Through learning, applying lots of effort and having the growth mindset winning attitude, we succeeded by winning many karate championships and earning our black belts.

More importantly effort and discipline was my key to success.

It anchored me to understand the key to success in school, the key to success in business and the key to success in life. While learning how to succeed in all areas of life, and teaching others to do the same.


Growth Mindset Vs Fixed Mindset

The Growth MindsetA couple of months ago, a good friend of mine suggested that we both got some training in. We were both a little out of shape. Both of us have been training in traditional karate for over 30 years.

The training we had in mind was firstly to get fit. This regime required us to hit each other in the face while wearing boxing gloves!

On the first session after the first few minutes I had to sit and catch my breath. All thanks to the two sets of entrance stairs which were particularly steep…

This is how out of shape I had become. My speed, strength, flexibility, bone density and muscle mass had all suffered at the hands of the local Chinese, Indian and Pizza shop.

The training was intense, and between each set I took in more air than a jet engine and more water than a steam locomotive. Furthermore, unlike most people who train at gyms, our sets excluded numerous selfies and trips to the mirror… we kept those till the end!

unlike most people who train at gyms, our sets excluded numerous selfies and trips to the mirror... Share on X

The first sessions were extremely difficult. I felt like giving up – this was painful and I was getting punched a lot! All I could think of is why had I become so unfit.

Well the answer was clear. I had developed a ‘fixed mindset' and lost sight of my key to success which was the effort and discipline that has served me so well previously.

The fixed mindset kept me within my comfort zone. It didn't want to push my fitness boundaries and I was in danger of uprooting my anchor.

As the weeks went by, those brain connections began to fire up again. My thoughts turned to getting fit, eating clean and entering a competition.

The more I trained the better I felt, and the better I felt the harder I trained. The meaning of effort and difficulty began changing for me. I embraced the process and the reward is the satisfaction of making gains.


Adopt The Growth Mindset Key To Success In Your Life

You know all the quotes already –

  • Success begins when you step outside your comfort zone.
  • Get married to the process and divorced from the result.
  • Experience the pain of success, or a lifetime of regret.

I know that you may be reading this post nodding your head in agreement.  However, while effort leads to success, structured and concise effort is what is what you need to build your online business.

What you need is a process or a system in place that is proven to get results. It can be very easy to ‘carry on regardless' with your old routine, putting effort into non-profit making activities.

Build a successful online business, by adopting the growth mindset and leveraging proven systems like the Wi-Fi Millionaire I talk about in the video below.

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