Is Blogging and SEO DeadAs a blogger and a blogging online business owner I like to keep my ‘ear to the ground' on what's happening at the frontline of the industry.

Last weekend, I met with around 60 online business owners in central London to discuss what's working now, learn about the challenges from new online business owners and to expand my own learning.

What I learned over the weekend hit me like a ton of bricks and it concerns the future of blogging and the latest war cry from many a ‘guru' that blogging is dead.

Is blogging dead?

Many of the marketing guru's will tell you that blogging is dead, a statement announced verbatim from the stage at the weekend! The fact is that blogging is far from dead, it's very much alive and well. Blogging has simply evolved, and if you're not blogging then you're missing a trick.

Seriously,  if you're not blogging then you're missing a vital piece of the marketing jigsaw.

In the traditional sense, blogging involves producing content on your self hosted WordPress website. To most people this is a relatively easy task, until you realise that you need to be skilled in the ever-changing art of ‘On and Off-page' SEO, and content distribution.

SEO skills can be learned, and once fine tuned and crafted, blogging is a powerful way to create long-term sustainable income. The issue with most beginners to the online business is you need quick results to fund your marketing budget, and traditional blogging & SEO takes a large investment of time and skill to see a return on investment, that's if you implement good SEO skills and get it right in the first place.

People are looking for quick results, companies want their people to get results, so they teach their students to venture down the road of paid ads. Paid ads work, but paid ads aren't guaranteed either to work first or second time around, and how far can your marketing budget stretch before your copywriting and marketing skills catch up..?


The Evolution of Blogging

The irony of people who announce ‘the death of blogging‘, often do so using social media sites such as Twitter & Facebook commonly known as micro-blogging sites. Any social media platform where the users consume content can be classed as blogging sites even the like of Instagram is still a form of blogging albeit with image media.

To new online business owners micro-blogging platforms are the perfect vehicle to engage your audience and deliver value to them in the form of your products and services. What's more this engagement is a quick way to develop your copywriting skills. You can test headlines and focus-in to establish your ideal customer avatar while providing a natural call to action.

This strategy was implemented by a number of students over the weekend, many of them generating their very first sales online. One marketer I spoke with has developed his entire 6 figure business by simply leveraging Facebook posts. No paid ads or ‘ninja tricks', no self hosted blog, just Facebook posts.


Which Micro-Blogging Sites To Use

The social media micro-blogging platforms to use are the sites where your customers hang out. The sites that resonate with you, your brand and your message. Clearly there's a distinction between the content posted on Twitter, and that of Linkedin.

The secret to engaging the right people is carefully selecting your blogging platform based on your target market and the products and services you're selling. Research that you need to have carried out before you do anything online.


Why You Must Own A Blog

Owning a blog in the traditional sense is the window to your brand.

Yes you can use social media platforms to engage and develop customers, although your own blog further increases your authority online and develops the know, like and trust factor in your customers, which is essential for all online business owners.

The distinct benefits of owning your own blog, is it cannot be shut down overnight like your social media accounts can, what's more, you own everything contained on your own website, giving you further scope to express your views in exactly the way you intend.

Directing traffic from social media platforms onto your blog is the most logical way to attract visitors to your blog, until you become proficient with SEO.

To be successful with this tactic you need to experiment with compelling headlines to entice people to click away from their favorite social media site. At this point you had better ensure that your content provides extreme value to your viewer, otherwise you run the risk of losing all credibility and just plain annoying people.


To Blog Or Not To Blog

Fewer people are succeeding with their blogs because fewer people have the time or the inclination to learn and implement SEO techniques that work.

What this means is that the gap is widening for you to succeed with blogging by learning SEO and content marketing strategies. If you listen to the market and leverage the power of social media to attract your target audience, you'll have the ingredients to gain huge momentum in your online business.

Remember the mantra of all online business owners – people will only buy from you when they know, like and trust you – owning your own blog is the perfect place to do this…

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