Internet Marketing Strategies Norbert OrlewiczIf you're new to the world of Internet Marketing, then you'll be forgiven for feeling overwhelmed in developing any kind of Internet marketing strategy.

Norbert Orlewicz has been at the forefront of Internet Marketing for many years. He has jointly built businesses to over $50m and was one of the people to get me started and develop my own “Internet marketing strategy.”

In this special interview,  I spoke to Norbert Orlewicz who gave some of the best advice about starting and developing your business online.



Here's a highlight of the valuable points Norbert raised in the interview:


#1. – Get With The Right Coach and Mentor

Getting together with a coach today is the key to succeeding quickly and with fewer distractions. Learning from somebody who is willing to teach you, and is where you want to be is the surefire way to success. By learning from a coach you can develop basic marketing strategies and master rather than trying to work things out by yourself


#2. – Find Which Marketing Strategy Works For You

Everybody has strengths and weaknesses in different areas. Some people have a natural aptitude for social media, while others prefer SEO as their marketing strategy. The key to discovering your strengths is often trial and error, them working with your strengths.


Just because something worked for someone else, doesn't mean it will work for you. You have to work within your own strengths and talents. – Norbert Orlewicz

#3. – Give It Time

There are so many people that think they know their marketing strategy, expect instant results then quit after three months. As Norbert said, the time you need to give yourself varies between people. Personally, you need to give yourself a minimum of 12-24 months consistent effort.


#4. – Set Your Intentions

Set your intentions and commit to being a professional online business owner. Commit to being in this industry for the long term, and work your Internet marketing strategy.


#5. – Simplify Your Marketing Strategies

Once you know what works for you, begin to simplify the process. As Norbert says you need to “Eliminate and Simplify.”  “Do Less to get More…” By eliminating what you don't need, you simplify your marketing strategies, thus compounding your efforts in your particular area of strength.


#6. – Discipline

Probably the biggest cause of overwhelm for new business owners is an unintentional lack of discipline. Unintentional simply because of a lack of focus, because your focus is narrowed by the next must-see webinar, must have course or product and the constant disruption of marketing emails.


If you're not providing value & building your email list SnapChat's not going to help you... Share on X


#7. – The Fear Of Missing Out

The best part of what Norbert said on this topic was to just say “No” to the next must-have marketing strategy or tool. He used Snap Chat as a great example. Missing out on things that you don't need, to concentrate on productive tasks is very empowering, and profitable.


#8. – Be Consistent With Your Marketing Strategy

Consistency is the key to success. Following through with your Internet marketing strategy, and on your intentions will make you successful. Begin sharing valuable content, build and communicate with your email list. Build on your strengths and remain consistent with your Internet marketing strategy.


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