How to recruit in MLMA skill that many network marketers can, and should develop is how to recruit in MLM with organic traffic and free leads.

How to Recruit in MLM with Organic Traffic and Free Leads is one of the most important part of developing any network marketing business on the Internet.

In this post we'll look at the different ways in which you can recruit in MLM / network marketing using organic traffic sources and free leads.

The word “recruiting” is not really used these days. Recruiting to my mind is something that the Army and Navy would do! Today, Internet business professionals are given information, training systems & are coached to become skilled marketing professionals.

The fact still remains that many people involved in network marketing are building their businesses the old-fashioned way.

Let me define what I mean by old-fashioned…

Everything evolves and so does expectation. People evolve with changing markets, trends and habits. The marketing techniques that worked twenty years ago are unlikely to be as effective today, and yet many people adopt these techniques simply because they were told to, by people they trust who know no better.

The old-fashioned process of recruiting, usually means pestering their family members, relatives, and friends and marketing in such an abrasive and off-putting way that the natural reaction of most people is to become defensive or suspicious, leaving the marketer with a lot of rejection and negative feedback to contend with.

Remember that people hate to be sold to, buy they love to buy…

If you're an Internet network marketer, you know that hounding people is not a part of the process. When asked about how to recruit in MLM, Internet network marketers will tell you that attracting people to your business is done by leading with value and providing solutions.

Here are some techniques that you can use in order to secure free leads that will drive your business.

How To Recruit In MLM Blogging

There is a big world online and you should make sure that you tap into it in the process of securing free leads. One of the best things that you can do is to put up a blog.

All you need are a computer and a stable Internet connection! With the right person showing you what to do in relation to building your brand, securing the right target market and having the right products and services to offer, you'll be able to secure a solid network, by attracting those people to your blog pages for years to come.


With your own blog, you will be able to share the necessary information that will help others realize how effective your products and services are. You can also use it to tell the whole virtual world about the opportunity that you can offer them. With a blog, you can capture the attention of total strangers and show them why they should get into business with you.

There is Art in Article Writing

Network marketing professionals will tell you that establishing your credibility is the first step to building a solid and reliable network. How to recruit in MLM relies heavily on building you as a professional a solid brand image that will develop you as an authority figure and drive people to want to do business with you.

If you can provide some real value to your market place and have a way with words, then you should start writing articles that will help you generate leads and eventually, convert those leads into sales, and lasting relationships.

With the right content you will be able to boost your online reputation and, in the process expand your network as well. Readers will eventually turn into leads, and if you manage to reel them in with well-written content, they will eventually become your business partners.

Harness the Power of Technology

If you are limiting yourself to securing free leads by using offline techniques, then you are limiting the number of people within your reach. You should harness the power of technology and start using lead generation programs that will help you build your network. Automating the process will help you reach out to more people and will ease you from doing the networking and the marketing manually.

This will free up your time and give you more opportunities to work on the network that you already have. Before you know it, you will be working with more prospects that you can count and you will be enjoying the success you deserve.

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