How To Create An eBook Lead Magnet By a show of hands, who has started writing an eBook Lead Magnet and never completed it..? Well in this post I'll be giving you 5 resources on how to create an eBook, and complete an eBook Lead magnet.

You can put your hands down now..:)

Firstly, the term Lead Magnet, or Lead Magnet Tripwire or just Tripwire can be anything from cheat sheets, mind maps, podcasts and of course eBooks. Given away for free or low-cost in exchange for a name, email address and other relevant details to a new subscriber.

As an online business owner, writing an ebook as a lead magnet is a proven way to get leads for your business. The challenge for you isn't simply how to create an ebook as a lead magnet, but how to create an ebook and get it finished and generating leads for you.

Before you write anything however, you need to be clear on your target market and understand the people you are writing for.


Below are five resources and ideas you can use to create and complete an eBook lead magnet.

Resource #1 – How To Create An eBook Lead Magnet With Blogs and Articles

If you have your own blog, then you may have a collection of good blog posts you can use as an eBook lead magnet.

Taking the pertinent points of relevant subjects can quickly give you the material you need to create an eBook that people will want to read.


Resource #2 – Record A Conversation

All too often I hear people saying that they don't have enough knowledge of the industry to write an eBook. Or they need more training to complete their own product.

That is until they become immersed in conversation…

Having an informal question and answer session with a friend will draw out your knowledge of the industry in a natural and fluid way. What you'll find is you will uncover golden nuggets of information that your subscribers will love. Recording and transcribing your conversation will give you good, unique material that you can use to create your first eBook lead magnet.


Uncover golden nuggets of information that your subscribers will love... Share on X


Resource #3 – Using PLR Private Label Rights

PLR in its many forms is widely available on the Internet, and you'll be forgiven for thinking that PLR is low-quality information. If you decide to use PLR to create an eBook or lead magnet there are some important things to consider:

  1. Ensure the quality of the writing is a good standard
  2. Edit the content for your own ‘voice' and make it relevancy to you
  3. Customize images and covers to brand yourself
  4. Replace the links for your own offers
  5. Ensure you have the proper licence in place

I have used PLR with great success for some of my own lead magnets.


Resource #4 – Training Webinars

Webinars are a great source of information. It's your job to take lots of notes, then use those notes as material for your eBook.

I always recommend applying what you have learned before you teach anything using the learn, do, teach mantra. This knowledge and experience can be added to your eBook and incorporates another layer of substance which can earn you the trust of your subscribers.


Resource #5 – How To Create An eBook With Books

Books form a huge part of learning and reference to all Online Business Owners. I'm always amazed at the tips and tricks I can learn from reading a good book.

Taking notes, and interpreting what you have learned will provide you with excellent material for your eBook. Just remember to adopt common sense and not copy sections of the book verbatim!

Here's my top recommendation of books you need to read.


Create Your First eBook In Minutes For Instant Authority

How To Create An eBook


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