If you trade the markets with Forex, Crypto, Metals, or Indices you probably use the MT4 interface. In this article, I'm going to show you how to download and install two pieces of software to your MT4.

The first is the free PIP counter indicator MT4 called the pipsometer, and the second is the multiple pip counter. Both software once installed onto your MT4 will make managing and monitoring your trades much easier.

Watch the video below for full download and installation instructions:


The process of downloading and installing is quick and easy:

1. Download the pipsometer pack using the link below, extract and save it to your computer.

➡️ Download the files here:

The files are in a .zip format and once the link is clicked it will safely download to your computer. The zip file contains two files as per the image below. Extract the files and save them to your computer.



Access data folder file in MT4


3. Select MQL4

Access MQL4 file in MT4



Access indicators file in MT4

5. Locate both Pipsometer and Pip counter files, previously downloaded and saved to your computer.

pipsometer and pip counter files for MT4


6. Copy and paste both files inside the indicators folder.

Adding indicator files in MT4


7. Within the NAVIGATOR section of MT4 right-click on indicators and hit Refresh.

How to refresh indicators in MT4


8. The pipsometer and multiple pip counter can be dragged onto your MT4 chart.


9. Adjust your chart position to enable chart data not to clash with the pip counter display.

How to indent the chart in MT4


10. Save your template as default.

MT4 chart template default


Follow these simple steps to apply these two pieces of software to your MT4 chart.

As you can see, the pipsometer and the multiple pip counter will help you with your trading if you're using MT4.

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