Welcome back to part 4 of this series. Designed to help men reach their potential and deal with the issues about what's holding them back.  I decided to publish these articles once a month so follow along, get involved and reach your potential.

It's funny how things develop and how sometimes the path to reaching your goals is unpredictable.

In session 3 I mentioned that for some time I had suffered from a tickly cough which I thought was psychosomatic. Following some NLP therapy from Paul I was able to get a good night's sleep.

Friday last week I pulled a muscle in my back during a coughing fit, the pain was so intense I thought I had broken a rib. Of course, in proper man fashion, I tried to cure things by increasing my exercise regime which didn't work.

It became apparent that something more serious was at play so armed with Google I researched my symptoms and suspected I had a blood clot in my lung.

Given the high potential for death, I decided to give running 5 miles in waterproofs a miss and went to the hospital, where they diagnosed a blood clot in the lung. While serious enough, thankfully it was nothing more serious than that.

Going back 9 years I was doing some intense press-ups while teaching karate and I managed to burst my subclavian vein in two places. The vein repaired and there were no lasting effects apart from a tickly cough when I laid down to sleep. Looking back this could have been the start of the clot on my lung.

In therapy, we get rid of blockages and what's holding us back in life and business, and we know that mental blockages can lead to physical manifestations. So was my blood clot part of the old injury? And did the current therapy highlight the problem of eliminating the clot for good? My answer is maybe. I also know that universal laws work in ways we cannot always conceive of.



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