Welcome back to part 3 of this self-improvement series. This series is designed to help men reach their potential and deal with the issues about what's holding them back. I decided to publish these articles once a month so follow along, get involved and reach your potential.

I decided to keep this series updated with video because it's much easier to do compared with writing articles.

My intention with this is to help men going through similar challenges and video is the most direct way to achieve that.

In this session, I talk about my previous experiences with psychotherapy and the resistance I felt when the therapist wanted to talk about my childhood. As I say in the video, my parents are/were good, honest decent wonderful people, yet most of the issues we have as adults stem from childhood trauma.

I address my issues of putting up barriers to people we love because we're exposed to vulnerabilities.

Finally, I talk about getting started with NLP, the Parts Integration and the profound effect it had on me.

Enjoy the video



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