Over the past few months Facebook Live Video has taken the online marketing world by storm, and whether you're a fan of Facebook Live Video or not, the pro's far outweight the cons.

In this article I'll be outlining what I have learned by going Live on Facebook over the last two weeks, giving you 7 Facebook Live video tips when you go Live on Facebook.

Facebook Live Video


Why Host Facebook Live Video In The First Place?

I was first introduced to “Facebook Live Video” back in August 2016 at an event in Texas and I have to say that I was opposed to the idea of doing anything live! As a filmmaker I'm more at home recording my videos with proper intros, outros, titles and my branded logo displayed in lower thirds.

In addition to that, I make lots of mistakes on video! So to live stream on Facebook just wasn't a comfortable fit for me, until I saw the Facebook Live Video statistics that is…

The amount of interaction that Facebook Live gets is huge in comparison to regular video. This meant that my value-packed, perfectly packaged, pre-recorded videos would be completely OUTRANKED by a quick Facebook Live video that took two clicks to produce and upload…

The best example of that would be while recording my first Live Facebook Video.

I had over 100 views pages of comments, likes and shares all before the video had ended, so the numbers make perfect sense. But if you fail to plan before you go Live on Facebook, then you're not leveraging the true power of Facebook Live.

Facebook Live Video Tip #1 – Planning

Spending time planning your Facebook Live strategy is certainly time well spent. When I first started going Live on Facebook I gave some thought about the content and how each video complimented each other, but a little more time planning could have yielded better results.

Remember that success with Facebook Live Video is not just about recording and talking, you have to plan and develop a workable strategy that brings everything together to reach your desired outcome..

Facebook Live Video Tip #2 – Target Market

With my first Facebook Live video, I talk about three vital ingredients when building your online business –

  • Target Market
  • The products you're selling
  • Your end goals for you – with meaning

When you plan a Facebook Live video, you have to understand your target market and talk to them on their level.

Understand that you are there as a solutions provider, to solve people's problems and if you do that, you'll quickly develop an audience and become the go-to resource. You will build your brand together with the know, like and trust factor, which is essential for relationship building and making sales online.

Here's my first Facebook Live..!

 Watch all my Facebook Live videos on the JohnMcLauchlan TV channel

Facebook Live Video Tip #3 – Deliver Valuable Content

If you look at your planning strategy, and understand who your target market is and what their pain points are, you can deliver valuable content. If you don't know or understand your target market, then Facebook Live video will never work for you. This is because value is all about perception or perceived value in the eyes of those seeking solutions.

As an example spending $10,000 for vitamin tablets to stay healthy would be considered expensive, while $20,000 for life saving surgery would have a high perceived value. You just need to talk to the right people.


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Facebook Live Video Tip #4 – Congruence

Congruence is a matter of keeping everything the same and fluid. From the delivery of your Facebook Live video, to developing the relationship with a new viewer to the completion of the sale.

If you keep your content and delivery congruent, your audience will know what to expect and you'll develop momentum growing your audience, and growing your business.

The McDonalds business model is successful because it is congruent, people know what they're going to get every time, and people keep coming for more.

Facebook Live Video Tip #5 – Video Format

Having a Facebook Live video format is important because is adds to the congruence as I mentioned above.

A typical video format would consist of an introduction, the main content followed by an outro and call to action.

When I first began filming video, I hadn't given much thought to my outro and call to action, subsequently this detracted from the main content. Once a strong and congruent outro was in place, this framed the main content and changed the perception of the video, adding value for the audience.

Formats you want to consider when hosting Facebook Live video can consist of –

  • Your main introduction and subject
  • Welcoming people when they join you live
  • Interacting with questions
  • Working on your outro and call to action

Facebook Live Video Tip #6 – Adding More Value

Value is all about perception so the more value you can give, the better your results with Facebook Live video will be. Added value consists of free giveaways, bonuses and other congruent materials that your audience will find valuable.

What's more your bonuses and giveaways will add subscribers to your email list.

Facebook Live Video Tip #6 – Getting Over Your Nerves

I have to say that when I did my first Facebook Live video I was nervous. I think everyone that has hosted a Facebook Live video will say the same.

So here's the thing – Remember that hosting Facebook Live video is all about delivering value to your audience and helping them to solve their problems, so make it about them not you.

Many people I have spoken with over the past two weeks don't want to shoot Facebook Live videos because they're too nervous, often fearing what might happen. But by putting yourself on the spot and just doing it, elevates you from the crowd, it develops you as a leader and gives you real leverage in your business if you plan and do things right from the start.

So when you go Live on Facebook remember that all success is in the planning, preparation and utilizing marketing strategies.

I would encourage anyone to host a Facebook Live video today. If you follow the 7 tips in this blog post you'll soon develop a strong following of loyal fans who will want to do business with you.


Speak soon

John McLauchlan

“Helping You Build Your 6 Figure Internet Business”

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