Facebook Ad Targeting TipsIn part 1 of this article7 Facebook Ad Tips To Build Your Home-Based Business Online” I discussed the first three points or successfully leveraging Facebook Ads to build your home-based business online. I explained what to do if you get your Facebook ad account shut down, and highlighted the main reasons why people get their Facebook ad accounts suspended and closed down.

I also highlighted that success with Facebook ads is about identifying your perfect customer. Defining your perfect customer avatar, building your business by leading with your passion, and attracting the right audience to increase positive engagement on your Facebook fan page.

This article continues with Part 2  – 7 Facebook Ad Tips To Build Your Home-Based Business Online.


Facebook Ad Tip # 3 – How To Get Raving Fans That Love What You Do

The first thing to attract raving fans to your page is to run a likes ad campaign for your audience to like your page.

Many people don't see the importance of a like to your page, but it's an important step to engage the right people with your brand.

In this section, you can create up to six different images of your fan page banner to be displayed. Resources to produce good quality images include canva.com pixabay.com and if like me you love Photoshop, then you already know what to do!

The key to success at this stage (and in all cases) is to brand yourself, not your product or company. Not branding yourself is why so many people fail with Facebook ads, and the home-based online marketing in general.

Let's face it how many people are just pitching their products on the front-end? – Pretty much everyone that doesn't know how to market!

So if you ever find yourself wanting to pitch your products on the front-end DON'T..! You'll end up looking like a spammer, and an amateur one at that.



Facebook Ad Audiences

Facebook allows you to develop audiences. If you're familiar with Facebook pixels you'll know that you can add a Facebook tracking pixel to your website pages. The pixel identifies people on Facebook that have visited any of your web pages.

If you have an existing website without pixel code then you need to add it straight away.

Facebook also allows you to add your email subscriber list to create a custom audience, which identifies your subscribers through their email address. This tactic works extremely well and markets to people who already like your brand.

Remember that the goal of everything you do online is to build a business that is profitable and sustainable. If you think in terms of quality, buying 10,000 likes from available online resources may give people the impression that you have a popular brand, but will do nothing for your bottom line profits.

The serious issue with buying likes is there will be no engagement on your fan page. Facebook will raise a flag to that which increases the risk of losing your account.


Facebook Ad Tip #4 – Engagement

Engaging your Facebook audience is critical if you want to inspire and motivate people.

If your fan page has little or no engagement it may be due to one or several of the following reasons:

  1. No consistent content.
  2. No relevant content.
  3. Your content is not targeted to a specific need, want or desire.
  4. Too many promotional or pitching posts.

In the video below, Michelle Pescosolido the creator of Facebook Advertising Mastery, shows you why people often fail with their Facebook Ads:

In terms of consistency, use automated software to leverage your time. I use Mass Planner to plan some of my social media campaigns, but not all. What you can do is send posts out to your Facebook pages automatically at a scheduled time.

One thing that works extremely well are images and image quotes. Images are the key to engagement and engagement is the key to building your brand and developing your business.

Work consistently at delivering value to your audience over and above anything else. Expand your reach, engagement and influence first, before trying to pitch or sell anything.


Facebook Ad Tip #5 – Which Facebook Ads to Use

When you're starting out with Facebook ads there are three main problems you may run into:

  1. Getting your account shut down
  2. No Conversions from likes into sales
  3. Having too many ad options to choose from

In part 1 of this article I discussed the reasons why people get their accounts shut down and how you can avoid that, and why poor conversions are usually related to poor relevancy and engagement. Let's discuss the 3 basic ads to run with your Facebook Ad campaign

Facebook Ad ampaign Tips


The three main types of Facebook to promote are shown in the image here on the left.

‘Boots Post' ad, is ideal to increase engagement on your posts.

‘Promote your page' is the like campaign designed to increase likes to your page.

‘Send people to your website' this could be a landing page to direct people through your funnel.



Facebook Ad Tip #6 – Optimization (Spend Less, Profit More)

Many people don't know how much to spend on Facebook Ads, the rule of thumb is with any type of PPC advertising (pay-per-click) you need to be optimizing, and Facebook Ads are no different.

Split test the same offer with different ads, to see which Facebook Ad performs better. Facebook also provides you with  customer engagement data based on gender, demographics and other information that will further help you to further craft your audience.

What this testing and data optimization allows you to do is spend less on your advertising budget, and more on targeting the people who engage with you. At which point you may want to scale things up to further increase your reach.


Facebook Ad Tip #7 – Re-Targeting

As I mentioned in tip #3, there are a number of ways to track and monitor your audience, so you target the people who are looking for the solutions you have to offer.

You should already be using Facebook tracking pixels on your web pages to identify the people visiting your website, landing pages and sales pages. Facebook tracking pixels can literally 10x your results in your home-based business.

The process of Facebook pixels is very simple yet extremely effective… Let's say you visit eBay to compare prices of Go Pro cameras between your local high street, then you log into Facebook and you see Facebook ads of Go Pro cameras! This is because a tracking pixel was added to your computer and eBay are re-targeting you because you expressed an interest.

Another re-targeting process is adding your email subscriber list as a .csv file into Facebook to create a custom audience. A powerful way to engage with an existing audience on a different media platform.


I hope that this special 2 part article has given you a great deal of value, and has given you an insight about the processes you need to consider before you go ahead with any Facebook Ad campaign.

Facebook is a powerful way to develop a highly profitable home-based business online, and armed with the right information you can avoid the risk of getting your account shut down, and enjoy the benefits of Facebook marketing in the right way, keep control of your budget and scale your business to live the life you deserve.

My advice for you in using Facebook to grow your home-based business online is to get a copy of Michelle Pescosolido's Facebook Advertising Mastery. She covers everything for you to successfully use Facebook. Click on the Facebook Advertising Masteryimage above, fill in the form, and buy the course.


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