Empower Network Review


Some time ago I was looking for an online business opportunity to add additional income streams to my business. I came across an Empower Network Review just like this one that gave me more information.

There were three factors I was specifically looking for:

  1. The ability to earn 6 figures without needing six pairs of hands…
  2. Access to personal development trainings and courses.
  3. To help people completely new to the business using proven systems.

Following my due diligence and talking with various associates I decided to become an affiliate and develop my business with further income streams.

Typically, review articles like this are written from a number of different perspectives;

Firstly the cynic, who attracts other like-minded cynics to develop their following with a purpose of selling them their own products. Secondly the evangelical networker or affiliate who preaches their product at every opportunity, and thirdly the ‘test and report' which are very useful articles, constantly updated and form a blog within a blog. I'm sure you'll be familiar with all of them.

What this Empower Network Review serves to be is a ‘feet on the ground' no-nonsense account of the opportunity, giving you information that you can use to make an informed decision.


Empower Network History

Empower Network ReviewEmpower Network began in October 2011 by two Network Marketing professionals – David Wood and David Sharpe.

You may be familiar with the concept ‘Attraction Marketing' the term phrased by Mike Dillard, a fellow Network Marketing professional who wrote the now infamous book Magnetic Sponsoring.

Magnetic Sponsoring shifted the Network Marketing industry. From years of outdated offline marketing methods of affiliates pestering family and selling their soul for a $12 commission, Magnetic Sponsoring taught people to develop systems to attract leads and sales. The principles taught in Magnetic Sponsoring changed part of the Network Marketing industry that adopted its marketing principles.

Offline marketing became online marketing and brought with it its own set of challenges.

Around the mid 2000's online marketing and attraction marketing was a new concept and much of the software needed was clunky and difficult to use.

However in 2008 a company established itself to help Networkers develop leads and cashflow online. This company was called My Lead System Pro. My Lead System Pro attracted many of todays leaders including David Wood, David Sharpe and many of the leaders inside Empower Network.

The Attraction Marketing process works by offering value to your market. The primary traffic tactic at the time was blogging, article marketing and SEO. The process is still highly effective when done in the right way, and the process I teach in my 5 Day Attraction Marketing Bootcamp Course.

While the industry leaders were enjoying huge success with attraction marketing, many people were not, and struggled with the technical aspects of online marketing.

This was 2011 and David Wood had the idea for Empower Network, to utilize the concepts of attraction marketing, and systematize the process of blogging, and article marketing for anyone to get involved, get busy and get quick results.  Which is exactly what happened.


What Is Empower Network

  1. A Blogging Platform.
  2. A Personal Development Training Platform.
  3. Online Marketing Training
  4. A Marketing & Tracking Center.


Blogging Platform

Kalatu Blogging System Empower NetworkEmpower Network is a number of things, but the original intention was to develop a blogging platform that could be set up without having to learn the complicated technical, or SEO skills. I remember setting up my first websites before Empower Network and the process was technically challenging and took me days (OK months) to work out…

The blogging platform with Empower Network is called Kalatu. It's fast, reliable and had all the components in the box ready for you to start blogging and start getting results.


Personal Development Training

Success in business is everything to do with mindset and overcoming obstacles, developing your confidence and self belief that anything is possible. I've been involved with personal development training since 1983. I have taught personal development application to many people over the years including police officers and civilians alike.

What I know from the years of teaching and coaching is that everyone benefits from personal development training regardless of age or experience. The personal development training within Empower Network is some of the most powerful training you will find and will make a huge impact on your life and business.


Online Marketing Training

Online marketing can be a very confusing business to learn  If you want to be successful with the fast changing pace of online marketing you need to keep up to date with current changes, and what's working now.

David Wood in my opinion is one of the world's top marketing professionals. His marketing knowledge is exceptional, and he cuts to the meat of what you need to know to grow your own business fast.

The products available in the Empower Network product suite, which I describe below, are an abundance of valuable information that has taken Empower Network from zero to $185m in sales to date.


iPas2 Marketing Center

The iPas2 (Internet Prospect Accelerated Systems) Marketing Center is a complete hub where you can plan and monitor all your marketing with Empower Network.

To be able to market on the Internet, you will need capture pages, sales pages, thank you pages, up sell strategies, merchant accounts, tracking software, in fact the list goes on…

The iPas2 marketing center provides you will all of the above in addition to video training to show you how to get the most from the system for fast results.



Empower Network Product Suite

Empower network offers a large variety of products that can be used to sell products to customers who have either low or high budget. You will earn by making 70% commission on most of the products.

Empower Network Products

Empower Network Kalatu Blog $25/month

The Kalatu blogging system allows you to quickly set up a powerful blog without the technical hassle usually associated doing this on your own. Fast hosting is included, all you need is your domain name and you can begin the process of blogging to attract leads and sales to your offers.


Inner Circle $100/month

This powerful mindset training is a set of audios put together to teach you how to develop your personal and business skills to grow your confidence and essential character traits. Personally I download the audios onto my iPod  and listen throughout the day.

You can listen to it while you’re going to your workplace, doing your office job or while finishing some household chores.


Top Producer Formula $500 (One-time fee)

This is another training course prepared by David Wood and other 6 & 7 figure earners within Empower Network that will teach you how to be become a leader and top producer in your industry. For those who are looking to sponsor new customers daily, this is a good product to start with.


Team Building Formula $1000 (One-time fee)Empower Network Products

You will  be taught about ideas and learn about the laws of team building and what you need to do to apply them to your business in the Team Building Formula. There have been reports of customers who have been reported tripling the performance of their team in just a few weeks. If you are looking to form the perfect team, then this might the product you are looking for.

What I have found is all the principles taught in the Team Building Formula are in complete alignment with success principles taught in many other aspects of personal development, business and success.


Mass Influence Formula $3500 (One-time fee)

This course will teach you how to persuade others and make them take actions. You will learn how to persuade others to do what you want them to do for a mutual benefit. These skills are essential if you’re looking to develop a profitable business.

It is rare where you can find this level of training, in one place that when applied can generate such a positive impact on your life, for such a low cost.

Empower Network Review

Empower Network Compensation Plan

Empower Network’s compensation plan combines the power of direct sales and commissions with the stability of network income.

The plan pays 70% to its affiliates with the product subscriptions paid to affiliates as an instant commission and not as an end of the month bonus, helping with cash flow for fast results.

Additionally, Empower Network is able to give such a high commission because their products are all online or digital which makes their overhead costs very low.

The compensation plan works by earning you commissions based on your own efforts and your teams efforts. As you build your business, you will see that the people above and below you adding members to your group which builds your total sales and revenue commissions.

Empower Network has been instrumental in helping to grow many online businesses that otherwise would have failed. It has a total of 30,000 affiliates that are using the internet to make online businesses succeed.

To see the Empower Network income disclaimer visit – https://www.johnmclauchlan.com/empower/complan


Is Empower Network For You?

Empower Network is not for everyone, to become successful takes hard work, the ability to be coachable and trainable and leadership skills. But for those of you that want to succeed, the tools and training are all available to take you from beginner to leader to shortcut your time to success.

As soon as you join as an affiliate, you will have access to the 8 core steps, to take you by the hand and step-by-step show you how to build your business. You will also have access to my help and guidance of over 25 years of business and coaching experience.


To find out more on whether Empower Network is a good fit for you, click on the link below, complete the form and reach out to me on Facebook or contact me in the details below. Let's build your business together and become the newest member of the team.

Empower Network Review

Speak soon

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