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Marketing Lessons From Donald Trump

At the time of writing this article, Donald J. Trump will be preparing for his inauguration to be the 45th President of the United States, and while I never discuss politics as it is portrayed in the mainstream media, there are a number of important marketing lessons to be learned from Donald Trump moving into [...]

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Choosing The Best Video Editing Software

Quite often the "Best Video Editing Software" may not be the best video marketing software for you and your needs. Let's assume you don't have the intention of producing a 90 minute movie and you want to produce high quality productions, to promote your online business. Whether you have some experience of the video editing [...]

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Empower Network Review

  Some time ago I was looking for an online business opportunity to add additional income streams to my business. I came across an Empower Network Review just like this one that gave me more information. There were three factors I was specifically looking for: The ability to earn 6 figures without needing six pairs [...]

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My Top 7 Marketing Books To Read

If you're building any type of business whether an online business or traditional offline business, reading books and constantly being in the learning zone is essential to your success. I have digested thousands of books since I began business in 1989, so here are my top 7 marketing books. You've heard the mantra that you [...]

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