Quite often the “Best Video Editing Software” may not be the best video marketing software for you and your needs.

Let's assume you don't have the intention of producing a 90 minute movie and you want to produce high quality productions, to promote your online business.

Whether you have some experience of the video editing process, or you're a complete beginner here are some things to consider in choosing the best video editing software for your needs…

Things to consider in choosing the best video editing software

  • What do you want to achieve?
  • Will the software do what you want it to?
  • Will the software be too complicated to learn?
  • What is a good price?

More often than not, most people I speak to about video editing software talk about final cut pro for Mac and Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 (PC)
for PC users.

Both these packages are industry standard and as such will do whatever you want providing you have a powerful computer. Industry standard however comes at a price, (around £600, $720)  and for ‘talking head' and promotional video's to build your online business, you could end up not using the full functionality, and wasting your money.

For Mac users Final Cut Express 4.0 is a sensible option, at £149 it will have the functionality you need, is relatively easy to learn and a good price.

Personally for me I'm a PC user, despite attempts to learn Final Cut Pro while studying and working in the industry I found it frustrating learning the new shortcuts, because the thing to consider is you want to be producing video quickly and easily, not spending months learning how to use your new software.

My Personal Recommendations in Choosing The Best Video Editing Software

Mac users

final cut pro or Final Cut Express 4.0


PC Users

My video editing software of choice is Sony Vegas. I began using it for two reasons –

  1. It was a stable and reliable
  2. I had a resource to learn how to use it

The Professional package is priced around £600, however I upgraded all my computers in the office and my laptop, and installed Sony Movie Studio 13 Suite (PC) for £68, and since then I've not used anything else…

All the productions you see me produce on JohnMcLauchlanTV is done with Movie Studio.

The resource I use to learn everything I know about using Sony Vegas can be found on www.bmyers.com


Here's a video with Bill Myers talking through Sony Vegas Movie Studio –

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PS • If you want to learn everything about producing video with Sony Vegas Movie Studio I highly recommend the training from Bill Myers

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