Article Marketing SoftwareBefore I write about Article Writing Software, I've already established that blogging is alive and well ( The problem is that no one will find out about your blog even if you write the best articles on your chosen topic (which takes a huge effort mind you), unless you can get those articles seen and read by many eyeballs.
You can get your articles read by either marketing them to potentially interested parties on social networks or forums; or you can use SEO and get discovered on Google when your visitors type in phrases and search for topics your articles cover.

Catch 22

In order for Google to rank your blog posts on the first page of results, they need to have links pointing to them. But, if no one knows about you, no one will link to you, right?

And besides, you might be writing blog posts about a boring niche in order to sell products that will help people solve the problem. But no one links to niches like STDs anyways, and certainly doesn't share articles about them on Facebook..!


Enter Article Marketing, the Smart Way

Smart people make the links themselves. Most of them write guest blog posts, which is a form of article marketing  by writing articles for other peoples blogs in exchange for a link that is pointing to your own blog.
But if you're just starting out, this will mean a huge time sink. Or you'll have to pay 50-100$ to get your post on a semi decent blog.

And that is not even calculating the time or money it would take you to write the guest post. You can't just copy these posts off of yours or other blogs, as Google values unique content, meaning copied content won't get your site ranked.

Plus, having links only from guest blogs is a clear signal to Google that you're trying to manipulate their search results pages, which will get your site penalized. You should mix up the types of links you produce, so even if you do guest blog, adding in other strategies helps diversify your link portfolio.

Normally, a 500 word article written by someone who writes decent English and knows your niche will set you back 20$ upwards, so you're looking at a 70$ loss at a minimum.

This strategy works, but it's costly.

Smart people automate. They use article builders or article writing software to build content to their own blogs that they later have full control over. This means that they can add as many links to their own blogs as they want, and they can choose their anchors.


What is Article Writing Software

Article writing software offers a way for you to get tonne of content across a plethora of different niches for a fraction of a price. Let me introduce article writing software called Article Builder.

Article Writing Software

Article Builder Review

Article Builder is a Jonathan Ledger product and is an easy to use article writing software that lets you get unique articles in virtually any niche you choose for pennies on the dollar.

Article Builder1. Get Articles Written

With Article Builder you can get a fresh article ‘written’ instantly, with the push of a button.

Articles from over 80 different categories are included, such as weight loss, internet marketing, home improvement, forex, travel, iPhones, personal finance and others.

Usually the articles will be at least 75% unique, usually 90% unique or more when check with Copyscape.

The way this works is that the articles are instantly ‘super spun’ – meaning that you get an almost unique article of average quality in almost any niche you can imagine, and you can use these articles in a number of ways.


2. Add to Your Own Articles.

Article Builder can also add more content to your existing content!

It will scan your article and add more to it in form of sidebar tips that would appear to the side of your article, or just as a regular tip – kind of a takeaway from key points within your article.


3. Automatically Post Articles to WordPress.

Best of all, the software can post articles you generate with a push of a button to your WordPress blog automatically! All you have to do is chose your niche, minimum and maximum word count and when you want the articles posted.

Article Builder will add images and videos for you if you choose for it to do so.

It will even add links you specify to the very end of the article – linking to authority sites within your niche is something that Google loves and helps you rank higher in Google search engine results pages (SERPS).

Heck, Article Builder will even automatically add affiliate links with your affiliate ID to relevant high selling Clickbank products if you want it to!

Check out Article Builder here ( I wholeheartedly recommend it, I use it personally.


How to Properly Use Article Marketing Software in 2016

There are three main ways I suggest you use Article Builder.

1. Build Your Own Web 2.0 Properties.

Make your own web 2.0 blogs that will link to your own site. Web 2.0 are sites like Blogspot, and Tumblr.

  1. First make the blog look legit, like a real person is running it.
  2.  Next, add a ton of content within your niche in the form of unique articles, spread it over time and keep adding more content to it. Adding a lot of content is easy with Article Builder.
  3. Linking to other quality resources within your industry is important. Article Builder can add these sources to your articles automatically. After a while, add a link to your own blog. Done!

2. Help Your Videos Rank Higher.

Google loves serving people videos. Youtube especially, and Vimeo second.

You can re-purpose your articles and make them into Youtube videos.

These are not the kinds of videos I’ve written about before ( I suggest you open up a new account and keep these videos separate.

You don't have to talk in these videos, you can just make a sideshow if you prefer.

From the description of those videos, you can link out to your blog – which is a solid, authority link that will help you rank.

A better version of doing this is to make a similar article into a video, and paste the complete article in the video description.

Google has no way of knowing what is in the actual video, but it can read words. By doing this, you've just upped the chances of the video itself being ranked!… which will only make the link back to your site that much more powerful.

3. PBNs

PBN stands for a private blog network. People buy domains that previous owners didn't want to continue paying for, but that still have good standing with Google.

Then they regularly add content to those domains. If you buy these domains and put up a WordPress CMS on them, Article Builder can post to these sites automatically, making your time commitment minimal.

When you have lots of content added to your domains that still have a good standing with Google, linking back to your site will help you rank. And you can also sell links within these domains to others.

Of course, maintaining your PBN is no easy task. You need to watch out for footprints, as if you don't, Google might get you penalized.

Footprints such as:
•    Hosting all of your domains on the same hosting account;
•    Having all of your domains link out to the same sites;
•    Using the same WordPress theme on all of the domains;
•    Using the same email to register all of your domains;
•    Etc… but that's a story for another time.

For all of these strategies you either need lots of time, money or software to automate the process. The best article writing software I’ve found is Article Builder, and I invite you once again to check it out


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