Royalty Free Music..? As a Video Marketer, adding music into your productions does make all the difference. No longer is it just another video, it's a video that builds your brand & gets you leads and sales. So it's important to use royalty free music and better still free royalty free music. This article shows you where to get exceptional music tracks you can use and take your video marketing to the next level.

So if you're a video marketer you no doubt will have used music in your productions. The temptation many people cannot resist is adding copyright music of their favorite artists into their videos.

This may look and feel very cool, but there are a number of reasons why you want to avoid that – (Right now…)

Firstly, it's illegal. I know you already know that, but at some time or another, you'll be asked to remove copyright music – especially when your brand starts to get known.

Secondly, if you upload your videos to YouTube and other video sharing sites, you are in danger of getting your account shut down. Certainly, you won't qualify for any revenue sharing or monetization options.


Free Royalty Free Music

The answer to using music legally is royalty free music, and free royalty free music is even better because you don't need to pay for it.

Free royalty free music does come with a few drawbacks, however. These drawbacks reveal themselves in that the choice of music can often sound like two toddlers attacking each other with xylophones. Perhaps more accurately someone playing a 1983 Casio keyboard while on speed…

Either way, none of the typical free royalty free music will serve to cast your productions in the best light. If you have the time to sift through hundreds of tracks you may find something usable.


Royalty Free Music SoundCloud 

One answer to finding the perfect music track, royalty free for your video productions is using SoundCloud.

The beauty of SoundCloud is that many artists upload their music to develop a fan base rather than monetization. Some artists offer the commercial use of music in exchange for attribution in your work.

Sound CloudOne thing to remember is that you need to check the availability of music use restrictions between artists as they're not all the same.

The following link is SoundCloud's copyright page and explains the terms of use and how to avoid copyright violations – 

What I tend to do is select one or two artists with clear copyright policies and use those. By doing so my videos are more congruent with each other and develops my brand with a familiar sound and feel that my, and your audience will relate to.

Here's a couple of tracks from SoundCloud artists:

Are Attribution Links A Bad Thing?

At the end of your video, you can simply add some simple closing credits with the name of the artist and a link to their work in the description.

One thing I have noticed is if you produce a quality video production as I explain in this article, your audience will think the artist wrote the music for you. It's a win-win situation for all parties, and you can't ask for more than that in business.

The reason SoundCloud is my choice for free royalty free music is the quality of the music. Produced by artists that clearly have a passion for their art.

So go out there, make great videos for your audience, have fun with it and give back to the industry and the people that helped you on your way.


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