The Story So Far…

The year was 1995 on a sunny April morning, I was 24 years old and negotiating my first property deal over the telephone for a rather run down two-up-two-down terraced house just on the outskirts of town. The property was on the market for £24,995.

“I'll offer you 17” were my words to the estate agent, who laughed crudely down the telephone.

“They won't accept that” said the agent in a patronizing manner…

I paused long enough for him to reply and reluctantly the agent contacted the vendor, 10 minutes later we agreed £17,500, and I was in the property business!

Kevin Green Wealth Creation

Property Developer Kevin Green & I just off the stage in London

Now I understood my numbers as far as profit was concerned, but at that time I knew very little of building and work schedules, I did however know about criminal law and how to swing a wooden truncheon as at that time, I was employed as a Police Officer.

Thankfully I have one of those dads that knows everything & he soon pointed out what had to be done and how to do it! Indeed I also had one of those mums too, who drafted a schedule of works and a life plan inside 30 minutes.

Working around the day job it took me 10 months to get the house finished and rented out with paying tenants, although  I did acquire another terraced property in the meantime..!

For 18 months I worked non-stop developing properties around the day job, my plan was simple yet it proved very effective.

I would buy a house that needed work, develop it to increase the value of the property, adding equity value then remortgage it and buy another with the funds, so I had an expanding and self funding business as long as I knew my numbers.

In 18 months of doing this I had generated over £250,000 while still working the day job, so I looked further afield for other investment opportunities.

At that time there was a significant amount of developing taking place in the Disney area of Florida, although the investment numbers were significantly higher than what I was comfortable with, so I ran the numbers and met with people who had already invested – and of course visited the site in Florida!

I made the decision to buy two villas on private, gated estates and rent them out to holiday makers, an investment of $345,000…

Again my plan was simple, a large portion of the rental income would be used to be reinvested to increase the property portfolio & by the age of 33 I would be a multi millionaire.

Life was good, I had a multiple six figure property business and other businesses growing, we did what we wanted, bought what we wanted & never became concerned about money.

You'll Always Remember Where You Were…

I'll never forget the day. I was in a second-hand bookshop in Yorkshire, the kind of old bookshop where you can smell the pages as you walk in, and the shelves are crammed with classic books and titles. The man behind counter turned to me with a helpless look, almost like he'd lost his dog.

“Have you heard?” asked the man.

The date was September 11th 2001 and as I got back to the cottage & turned on the television, the pictures that played, were not only shocking, but I knew the ripple effect would have a devastating effect on the business.

Over the next few days guests began phoning-in to cancel their bookings, eventually all but one guest cancelled. Florida property investors put their houses on the market which quickly became saturated, and tourism fell to 3%.

My plan was to get busy, really busy with property developing in the UK to subsidize the huge monthly expenses in Florida until the situation returned to normal, however the subsequent media spin and George Bush who's every other word was terr' just compounded matters.

The stress of trying to keep things together, and the fact that my mum had lost her battle with cancer aged 52 the previous year was immense and everything began to break down & break up, like a comet burning up through the earths atmosphere.

I had gone from a good lifestyle to worrying about paying the gas bill, moved out of the family home, into a uninhabitable rental house I owned that had been water damaged by the previous tenants, sleeping on the floor with a blanket.

Everything around success and failure is directed by your mindset, and my mind was focused on loss, so I attracted more of it.

John McLauchlan Internet Marketing

My old passport photo 2003, at my lowest point just before my mindset shift

My lowest point was one freezing November evening I returned home from work to discover that someone had smashed my front window, I then discovered that the gas company had entered my house with a warrant to remove the gas meter.

The Mindset Shift

At that point a switch in my mind was either turned on or off, and I began laughing hysterically, not in a negative way, because I knew that I couldn't get any lower than this, the worst that could happen had happened, so I wrapped myself up in the blanket, made a cup of tea and formatted a plan – a mindset shift began to take place.

There are many people who support the concept of ‘The Law of Attraction' and many people who don't, either way I like to draw my conclusions from my own experiences, you see about a week later a good friend of mine David handed me a VHS video tape of an American chap talking about developing a business on the Internet called product developing.

This man was Bill Myers.

What I liked about Bill was his ability to make something very complicated (like earn $30,000 in a month) seem so simple to the point that when I learned how to make $30,000 in a month I was almost disappointed, like knowing the secrets to a magic trick…

Over the next few months I began learning from Bill and decided that I would make instructional DVD's showing people how to DIY.

As I filmed the DVD's on a DIY video camera, two questions came to mind:

  1. How would I sell the DVD's?
  2. How can I improve the filming and editing quality?

The pursuit of answering those two questions, kept me busy for the next few years – learning all I could about marketing and building websites, and to make sure my filmmaking skills improved I enrolled on a course at my local college – a BA (Hons) Degree course – For 3 years..!

Now here I think I'd better break for a short interlude story…

Ryan Deiss Digital Marketer

Digital Marketer Ryan Deiss, Myself & top speaker Andy Harrington


Two Internet marketers walk into a Chinese restaurant for a meal, on the tables of the restaurant are perfectly folded napkins.

(Yes, this is a true story..!)

Impressed at the quality of the origami, one of the marketers asked who folded the napkins to look so nice, to which the waitress replied that she had.

Thinking about an opportunity, the marketer asks the waitress if she would demonstrate her origami skills in front of a camera, to which she agreed.

The following day the marketer returned with his DIY camera, and filmed the waitress folding the napkins….

The marketer had the footage edited, printed and packaged, with a napkin inserted into the DVD cover. The DVD was distributed by the printer, uploaded onto Amazon and Ebay.

A few weeks later the DVD had made over $20,000.

The lesson I learned after hearing this at a marketing event was ‘just get on with the job' don't become obsessed with perfection, get the job finished and get it to market, if you want to make any improvements then make improvements after & release an updated version.

The college, (now prestigious University Center) based in my home town of Grimsby was one of the top rated filmmaking schools in the UK with it's own state-of-the-art studios and TV channel. My time at college was thoroughly enjoyable and I was able to fit it in at the same time as running the businesses which included marketing, building and running my Karate school where I developed my love of teaching.

At the end of the course I walked away with a film degree, some cool, polished filmmaking skills and a lot of good friends.

After graduating from my degree course, it would be fair to say that I'd been taking things a little easy. I still ran my businesses but they were just ticking over so armed with all this knowledge of marketing, filmmaking and teaching, I was ready to not only build my business but to scale things up.

Matt Lloyd MOBE

Partnering up with 28yr old multi millionaire Matt Lloyd

With anything in business, having a successful business depends on a number of factors –

  • Ensuring it is economically viable & sustainable for the future.
  • Knowing all parties concerned in the business benefit.
  • Ethically sound.

There are a lot of people looking to start their own businesses from home and I applaud that, however you must do your due diligence before you jump off the starting blocks whether the gun's been fired or not. So after my due diligence I decided to invest in myself, got the tools and services that I needed to scale my business up and got to work.

One question I get asked a lot about developing an Internet business is ‘can I build my business for free…'

Well a tutor of mine once told me that FREE is an economic impossibility, although it's the most used word in marketing. You can't buy and develop property for free, you can't buy & sell vehicles for free, you can't even feed the dog for free, if you want to build a proper business, you have to invest proper money, and re-invest along the way to scale things up.

Right now, I'm building my business exactly as per the business plan as I teach in my 5 Day Attraction Marketing Bootcamptraining, taking advantage of the three main profitable areas of the Internet business, while helping both small businesses and entrepreneurs to take advantage of my experience of 25 years in business…..

If you want to learn how to build a business on the Internet then I'll show you how. It really doesn't matter where you are in your life, anybody can succeed once they're shown what to do and how to do it.

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