Digital Marketing Skills

In this Blog Post, I'm going to be sharing 5 steps to dramatically affect your personal branding, digital marketing skills and authority online.

Developing a successful online business is partly about developing your personal branding, increasing your “digital marketing skills” and building authority with your chosen target market.

With all the different marketing methods to choose from, there's one marketing concept that every online business owner should adopt in their marketing mix.

One marketing method that many people often overlook is Content Marketing.

Of course, paid advertising is one of the quickest way to get your products to market for ‘newbie' online business owners. If you take a look at many of the top online marketing professionals, their business focuses around their hub which is their blog.

I spoke to Ray Hidgon who explained how he has generated over $10m with his blog over the past three years…

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Digital Marketing Skills

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Many online business owners are overlooking the importance of blogging or at least capitalizing on their own online real estate. The preferred option is a trend towards paid advertising as the sole means of securing leads and sales for their business. Rather than learning SEO skills and leveraging content marketing to develop their own brand as a follow-up system .


Step #1 – Building your Personal Brand by Building an Online Presence

Building your personal brand is made possible by building your online presence.

How many times have you reviewed a product or service online that has the potential to solve your problems? After that did you research the person selling the product and carry out any due diligence?

Chances are that you may have, if the marketer wasn't known to you.

I remember checking out other people online when I first started. People like Derek Gehl and Andrew Reynolds were big on the scene. Their products solved a problem for me which was to discover my own personal branding definition and increase my own digital marketing skills.

Both Gehl and Reynolds had their own websites and an online presence, which in my eyes made them credible and established the know, like and trust factor with me to buy from them.

Remember that your target audience are looking for solutions to their problems online.

The first thing that you probably did before you bought a product online is a Google search that showed you the most relevant and optimized blogs and websites. This way, you can review and compare the product before you bought it. So it makes perfect sense to stake your claim for your own online real estate, and present the solutions for your target audience.

Getting started can be difficult, but quitting won't speed it up... Share on X


Step #2 –  Be Authentic – Building Your Brand

If you're going to have any chance of success online you have to be genuine and authentic.

The Internet is littered with people who are faking it, from their digital marketing skills to income claims. The term ‘fake it until you make it' may have worked in 1989, but today with our media savvy audience, faking anything is a sure path to failure.

Your audience wants to see the real you, not another online business owner trying to be a guru. If you're a newbie reading this, then I know at this point you may be shouting at the screen: –

‘But the real me is rubbish and has no credibility, why would anyone want to work with me…'

Which is what everyone thinks…

The simple answer here is to adopt the Learn, Do, Teach method.

When you learn something new, implement it into your business and you'll be in a position of experience to teach what you've learned to teach others. Teaching gives you credibility, just as long as you teach from your own experiences.

The trouble with the Learn, Do, Teach Method, is too many people are stuck in perpetual learning mode. Never making the leap to actually building their business in the first place, so they're not in a position to teach or generate any credibility.

A good rule of thumb is teach what you know, and keep it simple…  Have you uploaded a video to You Tube? Have you bought your own domain name? Have you set up your own Facebook page? If you have then teach it, because people are looking for what you know, and teaching will give you credibility with those people while building your own confidence.

Digital Marketing Skills

Step #3 Learn Digital Marketing Skills

There are many different digital marketing skills you can learn to build your online business. To keep things simple, all we need are three easy steps –

  1. Attract qualified people into leads.
  2. Develop those leads into customers.
  3. Develop those customers to increase the lifetime customer value.

The simple rule of thumb when learning digital marketing skills are pick one method that resonates with you and your brand.

If you are familiar with Facebook then Facebook advertising may be the digital marketing skills you want to learn. Maybe it's Twitter, Snapchat, Solo Ads, Banner Ads, in fact the list is almost endless, which is why you need to pick just one digital marketing skill and master it to get leads and sales for your business.

As I mentioned above, paid advertising is the quickest way to get leads, make sales and scale your business once you have a clear definition of your target market, which is the key. Success in converting leads into customers will require you to have a system in place to warm your audience and develop the know, like and trust factor with them…

Blogging and content marketing is a digital marketing skill that requires knowledge of search engine optimization SEO skills, but once that marketing skill is learned it's a highly effective way of generating leads and conversions.

This is because well-written blog post ‘pre-frames' the product or service that you're selling and can form an effective piece of the follow-up system to warm your cold market audience.

Remember the fortune is in the follow-up…


Step #4 – Give Value

If you want to build your online authority and develop the know, like and trust factor (essential to develop customers online) then you have to give value to your target audience.

Value can be defined as the tools, information and advice that provides solutions to people's problems. Value can be something simple such as how to upload a video to You Tube, how to create a Facebook Page or buying a domain name.

With all these simple marketing methods comes the opportunity to create quality content, and as such your personal branding and digital marketing skills.

Your daily tasks should be motivated by how you can give more value to your audience.


Step #5 – Building Your Marketing Collateral

I must admit, it took me a while to understand the importance of building my own marketing collateral.

Over the years I've attended many marketing events around the world, and had my picture taken with the top industry professionals. However more recently I decided to interview many of them about their core speciality to give more value to my audience.

Interviews can give you instant credibility by association as long as you ask the right questions and give respect to your interviewees. Ask pertinent questions that your target market wants to learn about, and format your interview with an introduction, a middle and an ending.

A little time planning your interview will serve you well to get it right the first time, while adding congruence and identity to your own branding.

You'll find is that most of the leaders will offer you their time for an interview, and if you get it right it may lead to joint ventures and more.

Interviews with the likes of Ray Higdon will dramatically boots your credibility in the eyes of your audience and give you valuable distributable content, that you can re-purpose for your content marketing strategy.


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Digital Marketing Skills

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