United Airlines Flight 3411 Marketing Lessons

Are there Marketing Lessons to be learned from this incident?

Outrage still looms about the mistreatment of United Airlines Flight 3411 passenger Dr. David Dao. Dr. Dao was forcibly removed from a United Airlines aircraft at Chicago O'Hare International Airport on Sunday. The subsequent video captured by passengers went viral over the Internet.

The full circumstances of the incident and third-party opinions are not open for discussion on this article. What is open for discussion, are the important life, marketing and business lessons that can be learned from it.

Let me add the usual caveat – that while there are many scientific and psychological perspectives surrounding this topic, the inference is always drawn back towards business education and development.



Violence, Human Nature & Communication

For some people, violence is an everyday occurrence, while others never come into contact with it. As human beings, everybody recognizes violence as a primitive form of communication that is often disturbing and upsetting. The point when violence breaks out is the point when all usable dialogue ends, and intelligent thought processes and decisions are extinguished.

Regardless of the circumstances leading to an act of violence people always draw their own conclusions of the people involved.

The act of violence itself is not the issue here, it merely illustrates the point. The issue is displaying and demonstrating actions that cause people to draw their own derogatory conclusions.

In an online business sense, spamming Facebook groups and YouTube videos with affiliate links is a perfect example. This is a sure-fire way for people to reach a derogatory conclusion. Even to those people with little or no experience can see that this tactic is carried out with little thought or intelligence.

You may have heard me say that women always make for better online business owners. The reason for this is the feminine approach and ‘soft sell' is perfect for an online audience. Often men take the more aggressive approach of ‘Buy my stuff‘ forgetting that building relationships with your audience is the first step to success.


If you want your business to be taken seriously online, learn marketing. If you want it to succeed, learn from a woman…


People Hold Onto Their Own Values And Beliefs

In any situation or incident, there will be a varying degree of witness perception.

If 20 people witness the same incident, you may end up with 20 different accounts. The witness perception was no different from the United Airlines incident. Some thought the actions of United Airlines security staff were justified, while others did not.

The reason is often the values and beliefs we have running in our subconscious minds. These are powerful, and the reason why intelligent people develop inconceivable phobias and fears and live their life by repeating patterns of the past. These patterns can include a recurring cycle of weight issues, financial problems, domestic abuse, in fact, the list weaves its way into the very fabric of everyday life.


Common sense -A trait somewhat remiss on United Airlines Flight 3411. Share on X


This is why in a business sense, there will be people who think your business is complete nonsense, while others will not. On your entrepreneurial journey, you will attract both raving fans and haters along the way.

The key to success is finding and working with people who share the same values and beliefs as you.


Leave Gossip To Day-Time Television

Human nature is programmed to share and listen to stories.

The regional and national television news, newspapers and other mainstream media outlets, have never stood in the way of a good story. People love to consume mainstream media and give their own opinion of the news. Even when they're not in possession of the full facts.

As an online business owner, you're a media professional. You need to be in possession of the full facts before you decide to recite it as truth. People are becoming less tolerant of the mainstream media and look to the Internet for answers.

By providing accurate and valuable information to your audience, you develop trust, credibility and personal branding, essential to your success.


Human nature is programmed to share and listen to stories. Share on X


Everything You Do And Say Is Recorded

I'm sure you need no reminder that everything you do and say is recorded. Certainly in the digital environment information is permanently recorded. When I was teaching Police Officer Safety the warning for an offender to get back was just that – “Get Back…” The witness perception is clear (as opposed to anything that ended with “Off”)

Common sense goes a long way too. A character trait that would appear somewhat remiss on United Airlines Flight 3411.


What Can We Learn From United Airlines Flight 3411

The most obvious thing is don't copy what they did. Regardless of the circumstances be in possession of the full facts before you rely on extreme measures. Remember that when you resort to violence in any situation in life, you have lost control of the situation.

And if you have any doubts on Airline choice, may I suggest Virgin Airways..!


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