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Ranking Your Website After Google Panda Print E-mail
Written by John McLauchlan   

John McLauchlan Tip of the Week


In This Weeks Tip Of The Week...

  • Get It Right First Time - The New Google Algorithm

  • Essential-Elements Marketing Manual - FREE Access for subscribers (that's you)

  • One Free Resource to Download Free Software

  • How To Succeed As a Published Author - Part 1 of a special series

  • A Clickbank Resource - Discover the most profitable niches to tap into



Get It Right First Time

This week Google announced that there will be big changes to their search algorithm, and while this is nothing new, search engineers Matt Cutts and Amit Singhal state that the changes will effect 11.8 % of search results, which is significant  if true.

The reasons for the changes to the Google algorithm, are to eliminate the demand media sites which offer low value content for visitors and to crack  down on sites that plagerise opther peoples content, giving better rankings for higher quality sites that offer good original content, that provides value to site visitors.

The message here, is if you want longevity in your business then start by offering original content from the outset, and while there may be lots of trends in getting your website to rank high, you won't go far wrong by sticking with the basics, and adopting good SEO practise.


Internet Essential-Elements Marketing Manual

If you want access to a superb 63 page Marketing Manual valued at $47, covering the Essential Elements of the
business, then you'll find this manual an excellent resource available free to all subscribers.
Dont forget the password:
Get your copy here:

Save Time Downloading Your Free Software
I know I've gone on about the broken laptop for a while now, but had I found this free resource to
install all my free software programs with a few simple clicks I'd have saved a lot of time.
This is an excellent no nonsence resource and well worth checking out.
Read more about the free software resource here:

Your Guide To Suceeding As a Published Author

More people than ever are writing and putting their stories, and ideas on paper, however getting your work
published is a very rocky road. Over the past few weeks I have been working with clients in getting their
work published and into the retail market.
This special series of articles shows you how to succeed as a published author
Read more about it here:

A Clickbank Resource For All Affiliate Marketers

In my last tip of the week, I mentioned about the momentum that Clickbank are getting as a business and how
Clickbank is profitable for both affiliates and vendors alike.
So here's an excellent resource for all users of Clickbank to quickly find profitable niches.
Read the full article here:
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