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Written by John McLauchlan   

The Proactive Approach to Good Business


If you've been around online business for some time then you'll understand what I mean when I say that the internet is a breeding ground for spammers, watered down information, and typical "black hat"  type marketing silliness, tactics that not only confuse and frustrate people, but can give our business a bad name in the eyes of others.


So last week I began to write a short article on this issue and steer people in the right direction within the internet marketing and product development business, giving a concise and easy to follow step-by-step  approach.

I started off with the basics about what people wanted to achieve from their online marketing efforts, how to research their markets, and not to buy the first marketing product they see to satisfy their own curiosity.

Subsequently the article turned into several articles before it turned into a full blown 63 page manual!

In this manual I cover a whole manner of topics, including business models and types, research and keyword research, but best of all I included the many resources that I use on a daily basis where you can get things done for the best price or indeed for free.

The book will be published on Kindle next week entitled "Internet Business-Elements Marketing Manual" so named because it contains the essential elements of the business.

However as a subscriber to my weekly tips I'm going to release the book to you first, and instead of payment for the book, all I want in exchange is a testimonial and that you'll learn from the information in it.

I will be sending notification by Tuesday of next week, so look out for that in your inboxes.


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A new feature I added yesterday at was the Tell A Friend feature.
This feature is the easy way to tell your friends about the site, and invite them to the tip of the week
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In this article I explain why, Clickbank are successful and what is can do for you and your business.
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Paid Advertising Sources - Expand Your Horizons

If you want to pay to advertise your business online, then most people think of Google Adwords, known
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Here's 16 other resources of PPC to fit your marketing budget.
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