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What Do You Want From Your Online Efforts? Print E-mail
Written by John McLauchlan   

What Do YOU Want Out Of Your Online Efforts?


Over the past couple of weeks I have met lots of interesting and successful people involved with both the movie business and online marketing business.

I spoke with a company that worked on the special effects for the movie Avatar which you may have heard of... A talented and slightly eccentric music video director and a man that is said to be the worlds best food photographer.


These people are simply on top of their game and they make what they do look extremely easy such are their talents, but after speaking with them there are many similar traits they all share.

One of those traits was they all decided what they wanted to do, and put the effort in to achieve it.

The world of internet marketing and product development is no different, but the fact is that there are lots of people putting efforts in to be seen online with no real focus or goal of what they really want to achieve.

The good news is that internet marketing, if you know what to do, can compliment your lifestyle it can add another income stream to your business, it can automate many manual tasks and save you time, you can find avenues to publish your book your product and give you ideas about future projects ...

...but all that is no good if you don't know ultimately what you want to achieve from your online efforts.

By taking some time to plan and determine exactly what you want from your business, you'll be more focussed, you'll understand the work involved to get there, the tools and resources you need to get there, and ultimately you'll get there quicker.


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Keeping up to Date With Your Niche

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