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Back It Up Print E-mail
Written by John McLauchlan   
Back It Up!

Sometimes in the quick changing world of the internet it's the simple advice that we should really listen to more.


Advice such as - just take on one project at a time, keep your office tidy, and get things finished are golden pieces of advice that we really ought to take on board more, but one thing happened to me last week that left me a little upset.


The graphics card in my laptop decided to go on vacation, just as I had written several thousand words in a document, what's more I hadn't backed up the system for months.

Not being too upset with that I went to my local computer repair shop who drew breath through gritted teeth and nodded at the prognosis that the laptop was not worth repairing as they couldn't source the parts...

Now all is not lost as I bought a caddy which uses your your computers memory as an external hard drive, but from now on I back up to my external hard drive, which as so cheap I found a 1TB Iomage Prestige External Hard Drive on Amazon for less than $80.

As for the broken laptop, I'm going to have a go at repairing it myself, not being that technically minded it should be interesting so watch this space!


Deleloping Capture and Sales Pages


Developing capture pages, also known as squeeze pages is an excellent way to get people to opt into your list, and the more sites you have to do this the better, as long as you have quality information and products to offer.

In the past I used to build these pages manually with most of my time spent on the layout and design, however I now use an excellent piece of software where I can build an effective sales page, capture page in less than 20 minutes that are not only stunning to look at but are highly effective for optins and conversions.

Read more about it here:


Finding Royalty Free Photo's Video & Graphics

Quite often we need all of the above within the internet business, whether to enhance the
look of our video productions, add quality images and graphics on our websites and
Well here's several reliable sources to get all the royalty free photo's video and graphics
you need.
Read the full article here:
My 10 Top Tips for Creating Better Marketing Videos
I'm sure that you have produced at least one marketing video in the course of your internet
business, and watched many of them.
If you want to make marketing video and want to profit from them then read my article on
producing professional video messages that work.
Read the full article here:
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