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The Essence of Writing Effective Copy Print E-mail
Written by John McLauchlan   
Friday September 17th.. Only 5 days and counting till launch!

Yesterday I listed a small selection of teaser articles I've written for the site and today as promised Ive enclosed one of the full articles, just for subscribers.

But before you read on, let me brief you on the sites content and purpose:

Catering for the expanding needs of Internet Marketers and Product Developers the site has 100's of Articles, Videos, Audio Podcasts and Interviews with top marketers, Free Software Downloads, A Discussion Forum, and much more besides..

Now onto Today's Article:

Why Remembering your First Car can Lead to Better Copy Being able to attract people to your product or service depends if you've got what they're looking for, and making them buy depends on your writing skills, copy and image, the biggest thing people get so wrong, and why your first car can help you appeal to a broader market to increase your profits.

If you read through the different articles and offers on the internet, you will see that there is a common trend or theme running through them.

If you don't know what that common trend or theme is, then have a look through and return to this article, if on the other hand you have spotted a common trend, then you may well know what I'm going to say.

But before we go into that, think back to your teenage days, and when you got your first car. Everyone remembers their first car, mine was a 1972 VW Beetle with no brakes.

For some reason, when you get your first car there is such a temptation to customise it, remember the sort of thing?

* A loud exhaust so everyone can hear you
* Oversized wheels and tyres
* A body kit and spoiler that fitted after you applied a ton of filler
* Go faster stripes and stickers

Always a good idea at the time!

And once you have your car and it's modifications, you think it's the best thing ever and don't take any other view on it, that is until bits start falling off and we spend more time under it than in it!

The same example can be said for the internet, that it's full of boy & girl racers all trying to sell us their strange looking inventions and products, with a boy racer style sales copy, and as a result, people are getting immune and tired of it.

The reason that the internet looks like a $200 custom car is because people keep following and copying people who've never had any real success, without taking the time to diligently and intelligently research their market and think for themselves.

If you'd rather drive a Mercedes, than your first car then rise above the crowd of clone internet marketers, use your own words and write in your own style, while developing or licensing great products for your customers.

That way, your business, will run smoothly, reliably, cost less to run and be much better in terms of performance.


Stay tuned for tomorrows article and a very tasty offer coming to you on Thursday just prior to launch

It's going to be a busy week!
The site will be live on Friday 17th September here's the address
Speak Soon!
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