Rookie Profit System Review

You may have heard about the “Rookie Profit System” and the young entrepreneur behind the Rookie Profit System – Steven Bransfield.

In this Rookie Profit System Review, I'll be giving you a frank account of the Rookie Profit System, whether it's a genuine system to make money online, and if it's worth your time.


Rookie Profit System Review – The Story

Steven Bransfield is 23 years old and has generated over $1m using the Rookie Profit System inside 27 months. Now for most people those are pretty astonishing results, what's even more astonishing is Stevens story.

Steven applied to become a marketing assistant, not knowing anything about marketing. He packed up his things and flew to KL Malaysia with a handful of dollars to his name and met his mentor. Over the next few months, Steven applied what he was taught and began building his online business using Facebook marketing.

As Facebook and paid ads are easy to scale up (once you know what you're doing) making 6 & 7 figures online is certainly within reach.


What is the Rookie Profit System?

Having looked into the system, the Rookie Profit System is affiliate marketing. The key to earning this kind of income online isn't just about being busy, it's about leveraging systems. The system behind Rookie Profit System is very clever indeed.

Learning online marketing for beginners presents two major challenges for people:

  1. Not being able to access people who know what they're doing (A coach)
  2. Complete overwhelm learning all the systems by yourself
The key to earning money online isn't working hard, it's leveraging systems... Click To Tweet

Remember that Steven had access to a coach and mentor which is how he managed to generate over $1m inside 27 months. The Rookie Profit System provides you with a coach and mentor thus eliminating those two major challenges in 1 & 2 above.

Access to your coach will cost you $49 and you'll transcend into a 21 step coaching program. You talk to a coach on Skype and learn and implement what you learn into your own online business.

The clever thing about the Rookie Profit System is that you don't have to get on the phone and start selling to people because that's all done for you. You don't have to set up merchant accounts to accept payments, that's all done for you.

In fact –

  • You don't have to call anyone
  • It's not MLM
  • You don't need to learn code, build websites or be a tech geek (no offense to tech geeks…)
  • You don't need an email list
  • No marketing or business experience needed

All you need to do is concentrate on marketing, sending leads and building your business.


Who is Steven Bransfield?

I first heard about Steven Bransfield in 2015 when he crossed 6 figures in his business when he was 21 years old. Given that when I was 21 years old I earned $850/ month as a Police Officer, so I was impressed Steven's achievements.

I've met Steven on several occasions and he is a successful businessman, international speaker, and trainer. I can tell you right now that Steven earned over $1m in commissions in 27 months because he's hard-working, doesn't quit after the 1st, 2nd or even 10th failure and just gets on with the job.

Imagine what Steven will be doing in 5 years from now…  Even more important than that, what will you be doing?

Rookie Profit System Review

Steven Bransfield & John McLauchlan – Canary Islands Mastermind…


What Does The Rookie Profit System Pay?

We're all in business because we want to make money and get paid. So what can you earn with the Rookie Profit System?

The Rookie Profit System pays out commissions between $1250 and $10,000 per sale… sometimes more, and remember that all the sales and logistics is all done for you. To date, the company has paid out over $76m in commissions to people just like you in 37 countries.

How much money you earn is dependent on your desire to succeed, and commitment level.


Why Choose The Rookie Profit System?

Bad economies throughout the decades have always motivated people to build their own economy through entrepreneurship. Since the recession in 2007 more people have realized that their financial future has to be in their own hands. I'm sure you can relate to this. Working harder for less in return and an even less secure retirement to look forward to.

The Rookie Profit System allows ordinary people (just like you) with little or no experience, to leverage the Internet and make an income online. Taking charge of your own financial future, giving you choices in your lifestyle.


How Much Does The Rookie Profit System Cost?

The system could easily sell for $1000, given you have access to your own training and coach inside the member's area, however, the training and the Rookie Profit System personal coaching is just $49 when you buy through this link. If you think that the Rookie Profit System isn't for you, then you can get a full refund.

You really have nothing to lose.

Rookie Profit System


Additional Help With The Rookie Profit System

As with anything in life, the more help you get from the right people the better your chances of success.

That's why when you access your Rookie Profit System coaching and training through this link you will get some additional & invaluable resources, once you've completed your 21 step coaching.

My Bonuses include:-

  • Lifetime Access To My Private Membership Site ($2000 Value)
  • Your Choice Of Two Traffic Products –  Designed To Get Leads Flooding In Fast ($97 Value Each)
  • Access To My 5 Day SEO & Attraction Marketing Course And Management Kit ($297 Value)
  • Access To My Private Facebook Mastermind Group (Invaluable)

What I know after being online for 10 years, is that help and support along the way is essential to succeed online and that's exactly what you'll get.

Rookie Profit System


Rookie Profit System Review & Conclusion

By now, you'll know that the Rookie Profit System is a genuine business that you can start right now. By now you'll know that inside the member's area you'll have access to training and coaching eliminating the two reasons people fail online – a lack of coaching and overwhelm.

If a dropout college kid can succeed with this, then so can you. Get started right now and I'll see you on the inside.


Speak soon

John McLauchlan

“Helping You Build Your 6 Figure Internet Business”

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