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The Fundamentals of Personal Development Print E-mail
Personal Development
Written by John McLauchlan   

For many people, personal development means different things, where different skills and character traits need to be developed, but there are two fundamental traits that will effect your whole life, that you probably don't know about.

I have many stories of when I was a Police Officer, I'm sure some of which you will come across in time, but this particular story resinated with me and stayed with me.

...And before you ask, the two character traits I am refering to are your values and beliefs - but keep reading.


The story starts with a brief enquiry at a womans house on a local council estate, and I was with an experienced colleague as I'd only been in the Police about 6 months.

The door to the house was answered by an obnoxious female with two children under her arm, and the house was a complete toilet owing to the dogs running around inside that used it as such, with the smell to match.


After we conducted our enquiries on the doorstep, I turned to my colleague and asked him why would someone live like that, when he described that it was down to their beliefs and values, and probably how she was raised as a child.


To illustrate this point I produced a podcast for members of my karate club using the incident with the police. This podcast I believe contains the core fundamentals, the essence of what personal development is about, and well worth your attention for 23 minutes. 


To listen, simply click the play button below.

NamePlaySize Length
Developing The Mind of a Champion
(John McLauchlan

22.6 MB24:43 min


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