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The Right Software for Creating Successful Optimized Opt-in and Sales Pages Print E-mail
Written by John McLauchlan   

Optimize Press Squeeze PageIn order to have any amount of success with any project that you promote on the internet you will need to create both optin pages and sales pages to follow up with your clients and prospects.

In this article I'll show you how to create your pages quickly, optimize them for performance and have your pages convert like crazy.


As part of your sales funnel process you will initially have to set up a page that uses an 'ethical bribe' to extract a prospects name and email address, the ethical bribe as it it commonly referred to in the business is usually a report, a tip of the week, or something of interest for your prospect.


Websites and pages that do this are often called capture pages, and getting the look and feel of your capture pages is very important for the thing to work properly, after all people decide on the look and first impressions of something within the first few seconds not on how well articulated the site is.


In order to promote your business you should be sending people to your capture pages and not your main website depending on the way your business model works.


In the past, most of my time with capture pages was spent on the look and design of the page and I could never get the look or design right in my mind, and wanted something that was clean and effective.


I came across an excellent Wordpress Plugin called Optimize Press, used by many marketers including Russell Brunson, that does exactly what I wanted it to do and to my pedantic self is very good indeed.


Here's one of my sites withinthe martial arts niche to have a look at:

fudoshin karate


If you want to find out more about the plugin visit their site and watch the video all the way through


Visit them Here : Optimize Press



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